Shea Butter: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


SHEA BUTTER: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Unrefined shea butter :: :: Product Description ::

A natural product for your skin - free of chemical additives

Shea Butter is extracted from the nuts of the shea tree. This grows in the savannah regions of West Africa (in the sub-Sahel).
For centuries the local population uses the soothing and healing properties of shea butter.
A special feature of shea butter is the high proportion of unsaponifiable matter. The shea butter is about 11% thereof. For comparison, avocado oil about 6%, sesame oil to 1.5%, olive oil to 1.2%.
The unsaponifiables in shea butter is an unusually effective substance for skin-soothing. In personal care products is estimated the moisture-binding effect on the epidermis.
Shea butter is due to its excellent properties as a skin care product.

Refined or unrefined - you should know

Shea butter is available in the varieties "refined" (refined, distilled) and "unrefined" (unrefined, natural).

In the production of shea butter refined the nuts are collected, mashed into a mass transported in a factory (mostly to Europe) and there refined at temperatures of about 150 °. At this high temperature vaporizes the shea butter is passed through a cooling system and condenses to a buttery, almost pure white and odorless compound. The other constituents of the composition remain as "cake" back. If this production chemical solvent (hexane) added thereto, the yield is much higher. So the producers have an economic interest in the production of chemical agents.
A written assurance of my suppliers for shea butter refined, that he used in the production of chemical solvents, lies before me.

Unrefined shea butter is produced without the use of chemical additions in the traditional way. The shea nuts are first collected and stored until the optimum level of maturity is reached. Then the nuts are stamped. The mass thus obtained is heated to about 50-60 ° C. The shea butter is liquid, dissolves from the skins and is skimmed off. Upon cooling produced shea butter unrefined, a yellowish-white mass with a slight fatty odor. In this gentle recovery, the healing and care substances are preserved.

The extraction method - refined or unrefined - is a key factor in assessing the quality of the product SHEA BUTTER.
As a consumer, you should be informed exactly what variety is offered to you. If you find such. Example, in Internet services to an image, the white shea butter shows, but is "cold pressed" with described as a special mark of quality, you may want ask critical questions. I assume that this is to refined shea butter.

When used in soaps and shampoos, it does not come so much to the caring and healing ingredients, because the shea butter in so soon removed. Shea butter is safe here reflect the correct product.

In contrast, when used for skin care: Here is the shea butter remains on the skin and penetrates into it.
Due to the desired healing and nourishing properties, it is useful here to use shea butter unrefined. This applies in particular for use in a dry, grease and water-poor, often heavily scaly skin, such as is known from occupational damaged skin or aging skin.

Numerous external and internal influences such on the skin. B. sunbeams, demand the care with selected natural ingredients like shea butter.
regreasing Good, good water binding assets and a skin-smoothing effect characterize the shea butter.

Scars and stretch marks: scar tissue is elastic by massage with shea butter again. The regression of stretch marks is supported by the massage with shea butter.

We especially recommend shea butter before and after sunbathing or a visit to the tanning salon. Shea butter has, without additives, a sun protection factor of 3 - 4 On creams with chemical filters could be largely dispensed with. This is where the use of shea butter is called for so that the depleted by the sun skin to recover.

In atopic dermatitis can shea butter relieve the subsequent phenomena clearly. Affected individuals report that after using shea butter after some time a velvety film has formed on the skin that remains there long. Of persons who are affected by eczema and now apply shea butter, I often get very positive feedback.

If you interfere with the slight oil odor, you can unrefined shea butter with me jojoba + geranium order. Jojoba oil makes the shea butter smooth, the geranium gives her a pleasant spring-like fragrance. Jojoba oil is very well suited as a base oil, because it does not go rancid (actually it is not oil but a liquid wax - at temperatures below 8 ° C it is fixed). Jojoba and geranium have, such as shea butter, pronounced skin care properties. For these reasons I chose this mixture.

Shea butter is ideal for massage. Apply a small amount to the skin area to be massaged and rub the shea butter. This is at once soft to liquid such as oil (the melting point is between 28-32 ° C) and the massage can begin. A big hit with our children massages the feet to the legs. Especially in summer, the battered legs and the rough kneecaps are perfectly smooth. Again, the already described velvety film forms.

Durability: shea butter keeps for about 3 years. Special precautions for storage are not required. However, they should not be exposed to continuous light.

Melting point: This is 28-32 degrees.

Inexpensive: Shea butter is very efficient when applied to the skin and therefore very inexpensive. 1 kilo costs me EUR 18, -. With little effort you can find on the internet also offers, in which the 1-pound price is a multiple of.

Customize ointments, soaps and creams himself? But is Shea Butter a high-quality base product. Who something itself produce is often supplied by me. Questions in this regard, possibly also for cocoa butter. Me I am happy to send you more information upon request.

Fair Trade: shea butter (unrefined) is produced in West Africa almost exclusively by women. The sale is for this is often the only way to earn some money for living expenses. My brother in law (my wife is from West Africa) buys directly and without intermediaries at the local women for me. This will get from us a higher price than at the local buyers. For that I get the best quality shea butter.

At home, we use it almost every day. My daughter, for changing his hair, my husband, to her lips, and I, for my body and my hair!

At first I did not really believe in its virtues, but I can assure you that these benefits are true and they really deserve mentioning. So for those who are not familiar with Shea , I suggest you find out.

Shea is an African wild tree found mainly in Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal, the edible fruit contains an almond. It is from this that the almond shea butter is produced.
fruit_karitéIt is widely used in cosmetic products due to its soothing and protective qualities for the skin and hair:
• A & D vitality
• E to re-oxygenate
• F for the elasticity of the skin

It has several properties:

Stretch marks and orange peel :
It reduces the orange peel effect when applied with a regular massage. About, stretch marks, I am proof that Shea has really moisturizing effects and elasticity to the skin during my pregnancy, I did not have a single stretch mark cream because I applied every morning and night = D !

The face
He fights against wrinkles by moisturizing and regenerating the surface layers.
We know that the older we get, the more the skin becomes dehydrated, dry and loses its elasticity. By regularly moisturizing the skin, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Shea nuts contain plant sterols or fatty acids that are true cellular tonics that promote cell renewal and relaxation of the dermis.

It can be used as a mask before shampoo for dry and damaged hair. The hair is then much more flexible and soft. I recommend using it in a water bath: Once the butter is fluid, it must be applied to the hair; then let sit for 30 minutes or overnight after wearing a heating cap or towel. The keratin absorb everything she needs. can also be applied in daily care of dry ends or on the entire hair from root to tip with a knob of butter that has melted in the palm of your hand before applying. Big names like Rene Furter, used in their products.bonnetautochauffant

In summer and winter, shea heals chapped lips and makes them shine. Besides, you will notice that many lip balms that are found on the market are made of Shea balm such as "mixa intensive-chapped lips"

Legs and feet
It helps to remove corns, warts and calluses.
It also helps to soothe the skin after waxing.

Sensitive skin
It is soothing for skin with eczema and psoriasis. His action should be daily.
Likewise for babies, it moisturizes and protects skin and buttocks; for example, my daughter had irritations who really struggled to improve with the cream that the pharmacist had advised me. However, once I used pure shea irritation immediately disappeared!

Hand and Nail
It moisturizes and protects hands and nails against detergents, corrosive and cold.

The only "hiccups" I blame Shea is its strong odor when pure and that it is very bold. To mitigate the smell, I recommend mixing with a scented shea butter cream.
Now you may ask yourself where can I get this miracle, is not it? Well, in Africa! lol
Pure shea If you do not know not too much, I can always find out from my friends.

Since time immemorial, people use in the Sahel region of Africa shea butter, a vegetable fat from the nuts of wild Shea tree. Shea butter is a unique natural cream for skin care and is used in Africa as a natural medicine for the prevention and cure of various skin problems. In appearance Butyrospermum parkii is - like shea butter is, in cosmetics declaration - a vegetable fat like many others. But what is so special about this white-yellowish natural cream that melts like chocolate and that has proven itself in Africa for centuries?

Shea butter and its effect as health elixir
Most shea butter impressed by their wide range of applications and amazing effect. In their traditional areas of origin, people trust their invaluable care and healing power. It is considered a proven natural remedy that can keep the skin well into old age beautiful and healthy. From birth, children are massaged and cared for it. Also, people know their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties in itching, scars and burns use. Pregnant women massage in with shea butter to prevent perineal tears and stretch marks. Since time immemorial in love African art, it plays a special role: Shea butter acts as a stimulant during erotic massage and is used as a pleasure-enhancing lubricant. In addition, she serves in many traditional dishes as a precious edible fat.

The Sacred Tree of Life, Savannah
Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree, which grows only in a limited area of ​​the savannah of Africa. The shea tree provides the people in the Sahel region of Africa almost everything that is needed. Its fruit, leaves, seeds and bark are both food and medicine. Not for nothing the shea tree is revered as a sacred tree of life in Africa, which may not be made. A shea tree blooms for the first time after 20 years, attained the age of 50 years, his full fruit production and then carries up to 20 kg of fruit. Sheanussbäume can be 300 years old and until this age bear fruit. The walnut-like green fruit of the Shea tree with a diameter of about 4 cm in the mature state. The outer juicy pulp that surrounds the inner nut brown, tastes sweet, and resembles the taste of overripe figs. The fully ripe fruits are eaten.

What does modern science on the effect of shea butter?
No other vegetable fat contains so many unsaponifiable substances such as shea butter, where its many active ingredients. These include the phytosterols, also called phytosterols, a group of biochemically important natural substances in the cells. They help the skin can absorb water and reduce the desiccation of the tissue. In Shea butter is also find other valuable vitamins and substances for skin care: vitamin E as an antioxidant, vitamin A for the formation of new skin cells and wound healing allantoin, which supports the treatment of chapped skin.

Unrefined shea butter for the full effect
That many cosmetic products contain shea butter, is well known. Been the enormous healing power of unrefined shea butter and their application to know only a few people. In the savanna peoples of Africa, where shea butter is native, it is used only unrefined because of their health-promoting property today. In this country, most refined, although it is scientifically proven that only unrefined shea butter undoubtedly contains all the nourishing and healing properties.

Because there are several suppliers of shea butter on the Internet, you should verify with product selection assume that it is certified organic unrefined shea butter, which comes from controlled wild collection and was produced ecologically.

Tips for Natural Body Care with Shea Butter

continue to - make shea butter natural cosmetics themselves
Make shea butter natural cosmetics themselves

Here you will find recipes to make with the beautifier shea butter natural cosmetics themselves. Enjoy the natural skin care for African style with shea butter-face masks and soothing pedicure ...

continue to - make natural cosmetics themselves

For more information about this amazing natural product available in my book "Shea Butter - The Sacred Gift of Africa", published in February 2009 in the salt water Verlag Bremen.

The author
Djibril Inoussa, born 1968 in Benin / West Africa and now lives in Bremen, learned the manufacture of medicinal and toilet preparations with his father, a traditional healer. Until today in his home many care products from healers be prepared.

He is currently leading a project for the production of natural cosmetics on the basis of African medicine. Prior to that, he worked as a consultant for major companies and institutions in West Africa, Germany, France and Switzerland. In addition to his training in African medicine he has a degree in business administration.

To write came Djibril Inoussa by his varied experience with traditional African medicine in his home, he wants to pass on to people of other cultures.

»Shea Butter-The Sacred Gift of Africa" ​​is Djibril Inoussas first work.

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