Shea Butter: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


SHEA BUTTER: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Shea butter is naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin A or antioxidant vitamin E, for the renewal of skin cells.
This is the most rich in unsaponifiables vegetable fat (repairers assets). Making it one of the most popular natural ingredients.

With its characteristic melting butter, shea butter quickly penetrates the skin and strengthens its protection while reducing moisture loss. Has the same properties as oil, shea butter promotes self-regulation of the skin.

The shea nut is used in many parts of Africa for thousands of years. It is said that Queen Nefertiti was her beauty to the use of shea butter as fat complex extracted nuts contains extraordinary restorative powers of the skin.

Shea has real virtues for the skin: it moisturizes, softens, protects and beautifies with its exceptionally rich in unsaponifiable composition, vitamins (A, D, E, F) and latex. The traditional method of extracting the butter used by women Siby provides a pure and natural product, retaining all of its active ingredients.
** In all cases, though melt butter in the palm of your hand before application. The butter must be perfectly liquid.


The face is the major beneficiary of the daily use of shea butter. While insisting on inert zones (base of the nose, corners of the mouth). Massage ten minutes. The problem of the facial skin is triple:

Elasticity: the richness of shea unsaponifiable elements and vitamin E which acts. When touching your skin after the massage, you feel the difference.
Hydration: the surface layers are in dire need of additional hydration. You will feel it on the appearance of your skin immediately after application.
Protection: butter must penetrate completely and you should see the satin. But the protection is real and will persist for long. Lips absorb more quickly and dry period, you will need a regular coat of shea is a wonderful lip gloss.

Shea provides significant protection hypodermic through its moisturizing properties, while its anti-elastase features ensure proactive protection against stretch marks.
quick solution: a spoon into a warm bath, a thin invisible layer deposited on the entire body. Relaxing solution: good to massage the arms and thighs. The feel-good muscle is immediate.


Application revitalization. The best treatment: on the eve of shampoo will coat the hair by massaging the points with a knob of butter. Wrap hair in a warm towel. Your keratin will absorb everything it needs.
Conditioner. Ten minutes after shampooing, dry hair on well, a little nuts to give shine and life.

The African tradition made shea privileged bond between mother and child through the daily anointing. This is the best prevention against the frequent irritations.


Shea is particularly beneficial for athletes. Massage before and after exercise muscles provide flexibility and allows for better recovery. Its secular use in Africa for muscle maintenance has made ​​the commodity experienced the top athlete.
before physical training : Accelerated start and warm-up.
After physical training : Retrieving more Quick and improving drainage and elimination of toxins from muscle manhandled.


Thanks to the presence of vitamins A, shea facilitates healing and disinfection, allowing the fight against dermatitis, chapped skin, burns and skin ulcers or cracks.
Shea is also an excellent skin protection against the elements and sun. This is a natural protection against ultraviolet promotes the prevention of certain solar allergies property due to the presence of latex.


Add a spoon into a warm bath and a thin invisible layer deposited on the entire body. While massaging the arms and thighs. The feel-good muscle is immediate.

Every mom should have always on hand a jar of shea butter. Incomparable moisturizer for baby's skin , it's also a great massage product ... and perfect care for moms!

Shea butter: the perfect skin care for babies

Hydrating, soothing, protective, beautifying ... Shea is a wealth of benefits for the skin, especially the babies, thinner and therefore more fragile than adults. Rich in vitamins (A, D, E and F) and fatty acids, it prevents irritation. . Melt a dab of shea butter in the palm of your hand, then massage length to make it penetrate
Here are all times when baby can enjoy the benefits of shea butter:

When changes.

To prevent diaper rash , nothing like shea butter. Its advantage: it soothes and protects both against redness and irritation. Ideal also against eczema . It forms a protective barrier between the skin and the layer.

After bathing.

After thoroughly dried baby's skin (especially all the little folds), heat a small amount of shea between your palms and run them on the baby's body. Her skin is very soft.


If you have a little more time, feel free to massage your baby (a few minutes for toddlers, a little more for the larger ones). If you want to learn the right things, there are many books on the subject, and even courses! Learn by example from the French Association of baby massage .
Before going out.

In winter, moisturize the skin of your child with a dab of shea butter, particularly areas exposed to the open air (face ...). Ideal to prevent attacks due to cold.

For your baby, you can also focus on shampoos, moisturizers or cleansing milks Shea. Good brands, biological: Natessance, Coslys, Cattier ...

Shea butter: the darling care of moms too!

Hair, skin, body ... moms are also entitled to shea butter!

Mask for very dry hair.

Apply a mask at night before going to bed and wrap your head with a towel that you will keep all night. You can apply butter all over your hair or only on the tips. The next morning, wash your hair with your regular shampoo. Do preferably two shampoos properly remove the remains of shea butter, and avoid overloading the hair.

Lip balm.

If you have chapped lips, apply a dab of butter before bed or any time of the day.

Cold cream natural and effective

In winter, the shea butter serves cold cream , perfectly moisturizes, protects skin from harsh climatic conditions, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Care "miracle" for the body

If you have a skin of "crocodile", forget the expensive creams: massage your generously with shea butter, focusing on rough areas: elbows, knees, heels ... The skin becomes incredibly soft. Another tip: put it in a nut in your bath. It will soften the water and you wrap a protective film.

Prevention of stretch marks

During pregnancy, to avoid the appearance of a maximum stretch marks , those unsightly white marks, it is essential to moisturize the skin deeply and regularly. Apply a generous amount of shea butter in places "critical" (hips, buttocks, abdomen, breasts ...) and most importantly, long massage. To do every day for maximum efficiency.

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