Shea Butter: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


SHEA BUTTER: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

"Cell Regenerator prevents aging of the skin and hair, intense and lasting hydrating and nutritive power on the face and body with great beneficial properties and restructuring of lines and streaks. Regenerator dry hair and abysses, it helps to protect the skin from UVA and UVB radiation acts as a sunscreen before and after tanning protects the skin from sun and cold. "

Shea Butter - Properties and profits
continued use of shea butter or English "Shea Butter" assures us the protective effects against aging skin. Shea butter by covering the skin with an invisible film, avoids his déshydrations and protects assaults of nature like the sun the wind or sudden changes in temperature. It is very effective for the regeneration of the skin, to soothe irritated skin, this is the most effective anti aging that occurs in nature.

During pregnancy and lactation
Shea butter during pregnancy prevents the appearance and formation of striae. During lactation it prevents the formation of stretch marks on the chest and protects the baby reddening of the skin by friction diapers, being able to apply as many times as necessary.

For lips, nose and body.
Shea butter is very useful for treating désechées cold lips which it provides a natural shine, and nose irritated by allergies or colds. We can use it to our skin has a satin effect, polished, hydrated and smooth.

For the sport.
It is very effective for the joints of the elbows and knees, bottom of the feet and heels. Its use is recommended before and after exercise because it makes the skin more flexible and reduces calluses after a few applications, shea butter provides rapid recovery of muscles improve the reformation of the skin and eliminate toxins.

En el Cuidado del cabello
The Manteca Shea protege el cabello daño del Solar, al ejercer u y efecto protector regenerator of este, restaurando the estructura capilar, aportando brillo, there suavidad volumen.

Shea hair care.Shea piel
Shea butter protects hair from sun damage and has a protective and regenerative effect thereof, restructuring the hair structure, providing softness, shine and volume.

For very sensitive skin
Shea butter is characterized by intense and lasting moisturizing on face and body. Improved elasticity of the skin by its nutritional properties and great capacity in vitamin E, a vital component of cell members.
This is an anti-irritant par excellence, which should be the blushing skin with ease, has allergy-prone and which are long remained neglected, preventing the onset of bond.

Shea butter for your Face
Shea butter also acts as a sunscreen by allowing a tan long and all that natural way. In addition you can use when you have acne or if your skin is oily because it does not produce granite.

Chemical composition of Shea Butter

Shea semillaShea butter is mainly composed of palmitic acid (2-6%), stearic acid (15-25%), oleic acid (60-70%), linoleic acid (5-15%) and linoleic acid (<1%) and an original unsaponifiable fraction which confer a great emollient and moisturizing ability. It contains anti-oxidant such as tocoferoles (vitamin E) and catechins (which is often found in green tea). It also consists of other components such as specific triterpenic alcohols allows the reduction of inflammation and cinnamic acid which has the ability to absorb ultraviolet (UV) radiation lamps and the effects of preventing skin aging by inhibiting enzymes which degrade the proteins of the skin. Shea butter protects the skin by stimulating the production of structural skin proteins in specialized thermal cells. This fat is best known for its moisturizing properties. That is why it is used in many cosmetic preparations of the industry

Shea butter throughout history
African since remote times, cook the pulp and bark according to traditional recipes from each region. Fat shea butter, which comes from the seeds, is a condiment like our butter used in sauces and fried foods. In Europe, the fruit of the shea tree is used for the composition of many cosmetic prepartions, so butter is rich in vitamins and nutrients, with many properties already mentioned. You know it's true if Shea on the label of a cosmetic product it says Butyrosperum parkii, which is its botanical name. This name is in honor of the Scottish explorer Mungo Park who lived in the late seventeenth century. Being the first who brought it to Europe and broadcast the virtues of this fruit.

Shea - Description shea nuts

The Shea (V itellaria paradox) synonym: Butyrospermum parkii (G. Don Kotschy) "is a tree measuring up to 15 meters in height, tree leaves in western Africa. The name means shea butter tree. This tree can live for three centuries and stem diameters of up to 3 meters.

Form of use

Shea butter "INKANAT" is a product and 100% natural. Without adding chemical and organic, it is obtained by pressing and packaged hot and finally cooling it becomes slightly granule. His pasty will fade 28 C and then give an oily substance type transparent ready to use. For that you need to put some dough in the palm of your hand and rub it with your fingers. It applies directly to the skin leaving the face or body.
On hair masserons us directly applying shea butter. Then wrap the head with a wet cloth for 15 minutes. Finally we rincerons hair.

I remember a young woman I had crossed on a green market, a native of the islands and whose beauty has captivated me!

Besides, I had not long to tell him my admiration. When she told me her age ... I was stunned as she was younger !!

And guess what she was selling? Care with shea butter !!

Since that day I have never forgotten this nymph skin supple and smooth, her long hair ... beautifully and benefits of shea!

While shea what is it?

Shea Butter comes from an African tree. The fruit of this tree, edible and contains a kernel which, when processed, will become the "shea butter"!

Shea contains several vitamins: A, D, E and F.

It is a quality care for all skin types but also for hair. It gives it a rejuvenating and restorative powers.

Shea butter what is it?

It soothes, protects, nourishes and softens the skin.
This is an anti-wrinkle perfect.
He is an ally of choice for pregnant women because it effectively prevents and treats stretch marks.
He struggles against the crevices
It is a perfect balm to pamper her lips.
Perfect as the fight against rough dry feet or elbows.
Can be used to moisturize and nourish the body out of the shower
Perfect for taking care of dry hair and split ends
It heals and soothes many reactions of skin: psoriasis, eczema, skin rash ...
It is also effective on hands damaged by the cold, the wind ... the sun.
It is even effective in application on insect bites
As always, read the labels so as to be certain to choose a shea butter 100% raw, organic and unrefined if possible.

How to use?

For ease of use, take your fingers and heat the material prior to applying.

You will understand this is the perfect beauty of your natural ally!

Personally, I love especially with the cold that comes back ... I use it more.

By cons, what I like less is the smell of pure shea butter ... it's very hard and let's be honest it's not a smell more feminine. So I advise you to choose a shea butter with added honey, or other natural fragrances that make its application more comfortable.

So, now you know what must be part of your beauty kit bio :)

Take care of yourself naturally!

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