Shea Butter: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


SHEA BUTTER: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Shea butter is an edible substance from the fruit of the Shea growing in West Africa. Shea Mandinka means "life." Butter quality is used in several areas including the kitchen, the industry time substitute cocoa butter, which costs more. But the area in which its use is most common is that of cosmetics.

Indeed, very rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, shea butter solves several skin problems, in addition to its protective capabilities. Among them are:

For maintenance

Moisturizing the skin: shea butter helps soften and firm the skin of the face and the rest of the body
Protection against sunburn: applied to the skin before going out, shea butter protects the skin against the harmful effects of the sun
The ability to delay the onset of wrinkles: applied from youth, shea butter soothes the skin and allows it to tackle the effects of aging
Protection of dry hair: it helps protect the hair and scalp
Prevents stretch marks: it can be used during pregnancy by mothers to reduce the number of stretch marks on the body after childbirth.
In babies, shea butter and solidify his skin and give him the necessary vitamins, helps prevent irritation from diapers and diarrhea
Among seniors, thanks to its anti-oxidant formula, shea butter is very effective for skin health.
It can be used in general to replace massage oils as it relieves muscular problems
On repair

It easily and smoothly use on skin that do not support most other cosmetics
It repairs very dry skin
It effectively treats problems with itchy skin and skin rashes, eczema, and can help fight against the acnes.
It softens and heals irritation on areas of insect sting.
Used after shaving, quality butter avoids problems skin irritation
Treats dry surroundings, or cracked feet
Used regularly it strengthens the elasticity of the skin
Although it is increasingly used in the cosmetics industry, shea butter is very effective when used on a gross basis. It should also be noted that most (not all) ointments or creams using shea butter does contain a small amount of shea butter. Do not hesitate to buy shea butter sold in the rough: just rub the shea butter in your hands to gather the oil to be applied on the skin.

Our shea butter is pure, no other product is added while the majority of cosmetic products contain but in infinitesimal proportions.
Use shea butter

It is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F and essential fatty acids and it contains mainly of oleic acid (40-60%), which gives the skin acid particular physical properties of elasticity and viscosity.

Virtues Shea

It holds 3 large cosmetic properties of Shea Butter:
a protective effect against dryness,
a hydrating,
cicatrisan a share you.

Its virtues are many, known and recognized for generations worldwide

Beauty face and bodyfacial and skin
To moisturize, nourish, soften the skin, apply shea evening on the face, the body, especially for dry skin or dry areas.
In anti-aging treatment: under every night in areas where small wrinkles appear around the eyes, lips, forehead ...
Lip: stick throughout the day to moisturize your lips and make them shiny.
For hands after washing dishes, and other household work, shea butter to restore your hands flexibility and hydration.

HairHair Care
For dry hair, curly, colored: Melt a small amount of shea butter in a double boiler, apply it on the hair, then wrap in a warm towel. Let stand a few hours and proceed to shampoo.

For pregnant women
Shea Butter care pregnant woman
This is a must for pregnant women care: use before and after pregnancy, it improves the firmness of the body, gives flexibility to the skin and thus fight against stretch marks. Apply shea butter on your stomach every night light massage.
For existing stretch marks, healing properties of shea butter will help them decrease.

For babies
Shea Butter baby care
For infants, the protective, moisturizing and healing properties of shea butter will protect from diaper rash, redness, irritation: apply daily at each change on the vulnerable areas. Shea butter can be used as base for massage.

In massage, skincare
Shea butter massage care
The creaminess of shea butter is ideal for massage: back massage, facial, foot .... either pure or with a few drops of essential oil.
Smoothness and neutrality makes it the ideal base for essential oils by adding a few drops of essential oils, you bring him additional virtues of care and welfare.
Shea butter is also effective against aches and rheumatism.

After waxing, shaving ...
soothing care after rassage
Apply shea butter after waxing after shaving, it helps to soften the skin and reduce irritation.

In protection against external aggressions
protection and cold outside aggression skin
For protection from the sun (if short and indirect exposure), wind, cold ...: shea butter will make a protective film and avoid feelings of tightness especially in the face that you can feel in exiting the swim, a walk by the sea, in the mountains ...

Shea butter is a living material, it must be kept in a cool place, away from sources of heat .
Do not heat directly on fire.
The use clean hands.

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