Shea Butter: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


SHEA BUTTER: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


Shea butter and its properties

The main properties of shea butter is deep hydration of the epidermis. Directly result relaxation and maintaining the skin.

But the benefits of shea butter do not stop there and you can use it in many areas.

Here are the various uses of Shea Butter:

Shea butter for facials

With time and external aggressions (wind, cold, sun, pollution), the skin gets tired, dehydrated and dry. This promotes long-term wrinkles and sagging of the face.

The application of shea butter helps fight against dehydration and this is to keep the skin supple and elastic.

Beyond a simple moisturizer, shea butter is in this context a genuine care for natural and organic beauty.

Shea butter for hair
The hair is also affected by external influences we just mentioned.

Degradation is less visible to the naked eye but it happens slowly and inexorably. And when she finally becomes visible, the damage is there and they are irreversible. We usually end up with dry, brittle and difficult to style.

The hair mask with shea butter is a great way to nourish the hair and moisturize. They thus find strength and shine.

This care shea butter is effectively practiced for hundreds of years by African women.

Shea butter as aftershave

Shaving causes what is called the "razor bumps".

The skin may become red, irritated and be subject to brownouts. The final result is the dehydration of the skin. It is also clear whether anything is done to rehydrate the skin because once razor burn decreased, dry skin, slightly bleached is observed.

Shea butter is a great aftershave natural, just apply the product on the skin after shaving.

Let penetrate shea butter 5 minutes then remove the residue with a towel so that your skin is not oily. It is preferable from an aesthetic but also a practical perspective view. This prevents the front of your shirt collars are impregnated with oily stains Shea.

Shea butter to protect lips
In winter lips are subjected to the test. The physical manifestation of this is the appearance of famous chapped lips, both unsightly and sometimes painful.

You apply shea butter on the lips before leaving in the morning. It will form a protective film on the skin of your lips and you will be protected for the day.

No more dry lips with shea butter!

And if you choose not too wipe the residue of shea butter that stays on your lips, you'll have a beautiful natural gloss effect. However, watch oily kisses with your lover ...;-)

Shea butter against stretch marks
Stretch marks are a very feminine evil that often appear during pregnancy. This is of course very misplaced and quite unsightly.

Shea butter, through its action on the skin helps to fight against stretch marks. Note that the action would be more preventive than curative. So if you are pregnant or diet, remember to massage the sensitive parts of the body to the appearance of stretch marks with shea butter, and this early in your pregnancy or your plan.

Shea butter against insects

African Shea butter is used in protection against insect bites.

Shea butter as an after-sun

Forgot your tube biafine but you have your pot of shea butter in your suitcase?

Whew, saved! Through its exceptional moisturizing properties, shea butter is a great product to soothe sunburn and accelerate healing. Has always take with you on vacation.

Please note, despite what we read everywhere, shea butter is not a sunscreen.

There is confusion between hydration and sun protection: certainly get applied regularly before the holidays is beneficial because the skin is super hydrated and so well prepared for the sun but shea butter has not filed an actual sunscreen uv on the skin.

Things are complicated because shea butter has in its composition karitene actually has anti-UV qualities but too small proportions to make effective protection alone.

This is the side of the hyper-hydrating shea must therefore be taken into account for the sun care.

On the other hand, once you have done heated between your hands to apply it, it takes the form of an oil. Which would therefore tend to "fry" your skin, such as the famous "milking cow".

Shea butter for hands and nails

Have you noticed that the housework tend to dry the skin of the hands? This is due to various industrial products and other detergents.

We can also naturally dry hands.

The use of shea butter provides very effective and immediate results: your skin becomes supple and fresh from any application on your hands.

Shea butter body, legs and arms

Of course the use of shea butter is not limited to the face and hair. You can apply it to the traditionally dry in women than are the arms and legs areas.

Shea butter against aches
Shea butter is known in Africa for its anti-stiffness properties as well as for muscle and joint pain.

Massage with shea butter, besides the pleasure of massage, are a solution to heal those little annoying bobos well.

It should be noted that many athletes to enjoy massage with shea butter as part of their preparation for the effort. Shea butter has indeed relaxing properties and heating substances muscle.

Shea butter against psoriasis and eczema

Psoriasis and eczema are two particularly troublesome disease for those who suffer. So we will be clear with regard to the use and properties of shea butter against these two diseases: there aa no scientific study on the subject.

It is not known whether shea butter has proven virtues against psoriasis and eczema, however numerous reports of patients are consistent with a soothing shea butter when applied on psoriatic areas or in eczema.

The effect would qu'apaisant but not curative although some patients in this direction.

Handle with care because there have been cases of allergic reactions. It is therefore necessary precaution to test on a small area of ​​skin.

Shea butter for the skin of babies

African mothers use shea butter when their young have irritated buttocks. If creams our pharmacopoeia does not work well on your baby's bottom, you can always try the shea butter.


Shea butter is used in Africa for millennia. It is said and Queen Nefertiti owed its beauty butter because it contains extraordinary restorative powers of the skin.

The shea tree

Shea is organic in nature because the tree (Butyrospermum Parkii) only grows in the wild in wooded grassland countries of West Africa and Central Africa. It is found in Nigeria, the largest producer in Burkina Faso or Senegal.
Tree Shea can live up to three centuries. It begins to bear fruit only at the age of 15, but will not reach full production until the age of 25.
Average production is 15 to 20 pounds of fresh fruit per tree.

Beurre de karité

Its fruits are ovoid shape nuts avocado, dark green color and medium size. Inside the nut is very oily white almond give after processing the famous "Shea butter".

Shea butter making

The traditional method, almonds are crushed, reduced to a paste which is then dipped in a pot of boiling water. Once cooled, the fat floats and collected oily paste is mixed to give the shea butter. Never white, it often has a yellowish color and a more or less rancid smell depending on its source. In the cosmetics industry, two faster extraction methods which are mechanical and pressure solvent extraction is used.

A rapidly growing market ...

Harvesting and extraction of shea are mostly carried out by women in rural areas: an activity which occupies 300 000 to 400 000 women in the only Burkina Faso and Mali, three million women would derive 80% of their income from farming informal. Exporting shea butter westward grows increasingly with very strong demand in the cosmetic market and especially the food (mainly chocolate). Here the problems begin, this Western market is a new outlet for Burkinabe women who are happy, but the price at which they bought the butter is ridiculous and usually they sell at a loss. Other worries. shea production is largely surplus to markets Our butters Shea soaps are purchased according to the criteria of fair trade (importers: Arc en Sels and Andean) to groups of women in Burkina Faso: the goupement "LAAFI" for Andean and Songtaaba cooperative Arc en Sels

Cosmetic use of shea

Shea has real virtues for the skin: it moisturizes, softens, protects and beautifies with its exceptionally rich in unsaponifiable composition, vitamins (A, D, E, F) and latex.
It is used in African countries by mothers smear their babies shea butter to prevent or cure the irritated areas. In all cases, though melt butter in the palm of your hand before application. Shea butter should be perfectly liquid. Masser ten minutes and you'll get all the benefits. Hydration and Protection of facial skin insist course inert zones (base of the nose, corners of the mouth). Daily use of Shea butter will allow you to take advantage of these three virtues:

Improved skin elasticity. When touching your skin after the massage, you feel the difference.
Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis
Protection against wind, cold and sun. The use of shea is particularly recommended in winter to fight against dryness and accelerated aging of the skin.

Very effective in the fight against chapped lips. Lips absorb more quickly and very cold period, you will need a regular coat of shea is a wonderful lip gloss. Wellness and Relaxation Add a spoon into a warm bath and a thin invisible layer deposited on any body. While massaging the arms and thighs. The feel-good muscle is immediate. massaging before and after exercise muscles provide flexibility and allows for better recovery. Shea is widely used by African athletes.

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