Shea Butter: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


SHEA BUTTER: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

The shea butter or vegetable butter is an edible substance extracted from the fruit of the shea tree , a tree that grows in the savanna tree of West Africa and whose name means "life" in Mandinka . Shea butter is used in traditional cooking or used in the industry chocolate as a substitute for butter cocoa .

He is best known for its cosmetic properties as a moisturizer and skin softener. These properties make it is now in the composition of many cosmetics .

Harvesting and extraction of shea are mainly carried out by women in rural areas.

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Manufacturing [ change | change the code ]
The nuts shea harvested between mid-June and mid-September are stripped of flesh . This provides a nut whose recovering almond . Washed and left to dry. There are three methods to extract the almond butter contained in the fruit of the shea

  • The traditional way: the kernel is then crushed, roasted, ground to a thick paste mixed with water will vigorously baratée. Immersion in boiling water will help to separate the butter from the other components of the kernel, including impurities that settle to the bottom. Once removed, the butter floating on the surface is kneaded before being cooked long to allow the water to evaporate and deposit of impurities. The oil (actually the liquid butter) thus obtained is filtered before packaging. We obtain shea butter artisan. Heat alters somewhat qualities.

  • Extraction by cold pressing: almonds are simply crushed in a press to a temperature below 80 ° C. This mechanical method does not extract all the butter present in the nut. But this is the method to have the best quality as the assets of shea butter principles are preserved.

  • Solvent extraction: the nuts are crushed then a solvent is used, hexane. Still contained in butter almonds dissolves in hexane. Then, the hexane was allowed to evaporate and the shea butter is recovered. This method is the most profitable but shea butter obtained is inferior.

Composition [ change | change the code ]
oleic acid , (40-60%) stearic acid (20-50%), linolenic acid (3-11%), palmitic acid (2-9%), linoleic acid (<1%), arachidic acid (<1% ) 1 .

Cosmetic use [ change | change the code ]
Cosmetic properties [ref. needed] :
Protective action against the drying of the skin; activity moisturizing for the skin and hair, special properties of softness and smoothness.
Protection against erythema solar
According to some clinical observations [ref. needed] , it seems that shea butter would promote increased local capillary circulation, allowing tissue reoxygenation and improve the removal of metabolic waste.
Action on healing wounds, treatment of desquamative dermatitis dry, chapped hands with crevice of ulcers , stretch marks , eczema regenerative superficial epidermal layers.

What is Shea Butter
The Shea is a natural product. Butyrospermum Parkii is the savanna tree that grows in Central and West Africa, in countries such as Nigeria, Senegal or the Burkina Faso.
The fruit produced by this tree look like nuts in which there is a naturally fat white almond. When it is converted it gives a yellow paste: shea butter. Each year, an average tree produces 20 pounds.
You can find both in paste form that directly incorporated into cosmetic products sold in shops, supermarkets and others.
The properties of shea butter
It has many healing properties. He softened the skin and moisturizes. This makes it a great moisturizer that softens your skin.
Rich in vitamins A, D, E, F but also latex and unsaponifiables (which prevents the conversion into soap), this care is primarily a natural treatment for multiple uses.
The cosmetic uses of shea butter
If you choose to use paste, appearance will necessarily different than all the creams or milk that you find in your traditional shops. In this case, it will be hard and will seem difficult to apply such. Normal because the shea butter paste should be rubbed vigorously between your hands to be warmed up and turn into oil.
Useless to try to heat it with a dryer hair or having it on a radiator let alone microwave.
The shea butter for facial
Excellent for facial care , it is beneficial for the elasticity, hydration and skin protection.
It can be used as a lip balm, and is very effective in winter. Other use, the nose. Some applications to the nose to treat nose irritated by winter colds or allergies spring.
For men, it can be used as aftershave to soothe irritated skin. Warning oiliness created by Shea should be cleaned with a damp towel.
For body care
Shea butter is especially recommended for drier skin. If you have a paste form, here are various tricks to apply on her skin.
- For the bath: Add to your bath a few nuts and shea butter. A thin invisible layer deposited on the body. Ideal for relax and obtain a sense of well-being. At the end of your bath, your skin will be so soft!
- In massage: as for moisturizers , shea butter can be applied in massage to relax the muscles. Apply mainly on the arms and thighs. The effect is immediate in case of soreness.
- After waxing: in parallel with its moisturizing, shea butter helps relieve skin with its soothing and relaxing properties.
- An anti-stretch: finally, for the regime or pregnancy, use of shea butter on hotspots loss and weight gain like thighs for a preventive action against stretch marks . Note that it is by no means a treatment that removes stretch marks already formed. To handcare Many brands have chosen the properties of shea butter to create their nourishing cream . It heals chapped skin and hydrate your hands intently.

Shea butter Shea butter for hair care
A very good solution to have full hair health and especially for dry and dull hair as it helps revitalize hair. Also ideal for curly hair that are naturally dry.
For a moisturizing hair: Apply a dab of shea butter on the eve of your shampoo. It is not necessary to put the lot may find it hard to rinse afterwards.
This application must be tips to the roots. Let stand wrapped your hair in a warm towel.
After 15-20 minutes, wipe your hair to avoid staining your pillow. Shea will overnight to allow the keratin of your hair to absorb it.
The next day make you a shampoo to remove the remaining butter. It may be that you have to repeat this operation. We recommend that you make this shampoo with Aleppo soap you make lather in your hands. If you do not have one, use a traditional shampoo. Where to buy raw shea butter and at what price? Internet is certainly easier, many online stores offer the raw shea butter. Be careful not to choose the first site came. Make you the product quality and the seriousness of the site (at the online payment, delivery terms etc.)

You can also find specialty stores in organic products, in some drugstores and even some rays of supermarkets.
Prices vary widely, averaging between 5 and 10 € for 100ml, it depends on the place where you buy it and its origin.
Shea butter is to be adopted throughout the year. In winter, it can repair the skin dry and dehydrated. In summer, the sun often spoiling the hair, it corrects the straw effect of your hair and alleviate potential sunburn.

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