Mandrake: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


MANDRAKE: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Dear readers, do you, like me, want to worship Satan and to bring out an army of demons straight after the Underworld? (Well what we take care as you can.) Personally, I've tried everything: drool toad, eyebrow bat, pearl rain came from a country where it does not rain, epileptic dance naked under Full moon ... nothing helped. The doors of the Kingdom of Darkness always remained closed to me desperately. But I do not despair! I think this time, this is it, I found the solution. What I need is a plant with extraordinary magical powers, I named the mandrake. This time, it'll work, for sure!

Mandrake, a plant with medicinal properties known for millennia

The fascination that we have towards the mandrake does not actually dates yesterday ... From Antiquity to the Middle Ages, the plant is shrouded in many mysteries. For example, we found inside the pyramids and it is even mentioned in the Old Testament (Genesis, 30, 14 - written around the fifth century BC), where it serves currency exchange Leah to get knocked up by Jacob!

(...) And she answered: is unlikely to have taken my husband that you want to still take my son's mandrakes? Rachel said: Well! lie with you tonight in return for your son's mandrakes. And when Jacob came from the field in the evening, Leah went out to meet him, and said, 'You come to me because I got you to pay for my son's mandrakes; and he lay with her that night.

[Welcome to the wonderful world of the Bible where everyone sleeps with anyone for a dose of crack mandrake mentality ... Beautiful!]

Anyway, already several hundred years before Christ the mandrake was therefore considered a rare plant with extraordinary medicinal properties - the Papyrus of Ebbers dating 1700-1600 BC, one of the oldest treaties medical written during the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep I, also mentions the.

Mandrake plant
Mandrake plant - Magic beliefs on this plant are mainly due to the shape of its roots vaguely evokes a human figure

Medicinal properties with magical powers, there is only one step ...

Theophrastus (371 -. 287 BC), famous botanist and pupil of Aristotle, tells us in a very serious Treaty (History of Plants, Chapter IX) that when picking the mandrake, we must "trace around the mandrake three circles with a sword, cut looking eastward, dancing around each other and say the greatest possible number of saucy lyrics " ! A method to very astonishing naivety for a man as learned as he ... Proof of fascination may carry the occult on the same enlightened?

In the Middle Ages, another technique is preferred to pick the plant without getting the evil eye: it is tied tightly to the tail of a dog who will uproot itself valuable and feared mandrake. Anyone venture to extract the plant by hand would incur in effect to certain death: the plant would send a terrible cry that pierce the eardrums of the unfortunate. ... unless, of course, that the latter is clogged ears with wax. A late resurgence of the myth of Ulysses and the Sirens , somehow! Other legends revolve around the same theme, in which one finds invariably spells, full moon and magical rituals. Mandrake plants growing at the foot of the gallows are even more popular, their power tenfold with the sperm that fertilizes the hanged!

drawing of a mandrake root
Drawing a mandrake root, Manuscript Dioscurides neapolitanus, National Library of Naples, early seventh century.

Now what?

If, despite all the risks, you are able to extract from the earth mandrake root, your efforts will finally be rewarded! It'll just clean it, dry it and you're with a man in miniature, a homunculus (mandrake root with a shape vaguely reminiscent of a human figure). And your fortune is assured as long as you come across a sufficiently rich and gullible man to buy you a small fortune ... You have to admit, is a wizard profession with a future!

But if you also plan to get started in the business of mandrake, you will unfortunately have to move the plant does not grow in France. Although very rare, however, it is possible to find in other countries around the Mediterranean ... The fortune is at hand!

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