Mandrake: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


MANDRAKE: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Atropa Mandragora
Yabihin Apple Devil's Candy Apple

Mandrake is a herbaceous, stemless, with large soft leaves near the ground, such as lettuce. The autumn flowers, white or purple, give rise to yellow or red berries that re-emit white light. The root st white inside impressive rave, brown on the outside, with a size of up to 60 to 80 cm. It can weigh several pounds.

Various presentations are described for the use of this plant. The juice is extracted from the stem, leaves and fruit; the root is cut into slices and presented as alcoholate in honey wine; Fruits can be eaten dried.

Virtues: Sedative, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory (poultice), hypnotic and hallucinogenic. It would also have aphrodisiac properties giving it a fertilizing virtue.

Mandrake berries were called Devil's Apples or Candy Apple in the Maghreb, due to erotic dreams it causes. Indeed, scopolamine contained in the plant is a narcotic that causes a sleep full of dreams, but after being preceded by a period of excitement.

Hippocrates ( 460 - 380 BC AD ) recommends its use internally in alcoholate as antidepressant, antispasmodic and sedative, as well as externally for vaginal or injections in the treatment of Hemorrhoids.

Apuleius the 4 th century, writes "From Virtutibus Herbarum" in which he says: "If we have to cut or cauterize any member, or adversely iron, the patient drink a half ounce of mandrake in wine, and sleep until the member is cut without feeling any pain.

Used parts
Racine, fruits


Properties for internal use
Antispasmodic (such as belladonna)
Moderator reflex
Spasms (enteric collites, hemorrhoids)
Painful crises liver and gastric ulcer
Asthma, hay fever, whooping cough
Painful menstruation
Root tincture: 15 to 30 drops per day
The plant is rich in alkaloids "délirogènes." These substances parasympathologiques entainent including mydriasis and narcosis. This is especially hyociamine and atropine. Contreversée long for its specificity, mandragorine seems to be actually a combination of the foregoing materials.

In theory, these molecules can cause a deadly intoxicaton.

During Friday night

If the storm gives us its rain

It is worth the search,

In the woods near a gallows ...

The moon will be illuminated

The last fruit Hangman, she pulls vitality

Take care of her, she will kill you

If accidentally you want to tear ...

A large black and hungry dog

A cursed beast and sentenced

At the foot of the plant is attached

At the sound of the horn is called ...

When the big dog comes to fire

His magic cry has struck

Anyone who hears this plant shout

Is instant death ...

If you gather roots

In a shroud do the mature

Once washed and soaked

Loyal to you, it will become ...

You will find great fortune

Long you beget offspring

Prosperity you shall know

If your mandrake stay with you ...

Mandrake has so disturbed the spirit and unbridled imagination that we can no longer know, exactly, if it is good or evil orif, on balance, it exists or not. In the texts of the Bible we are told, of Pliny to Shakespeare, that possess a feat because in the extripant of land, Madragore "suffering" as when a terrible cry is heard for ten miles around. To avoid and deflect the negative consequences of such an act, we must divert the fate of another living being that the researcher an animal such as a dog, with his unerring flair able to detect it and then dig it up. In old days it was reported that dolls fabric which is then stuffed Mandrake. they sewed Somehow the propée came to life and protected the whole house, taking care to give him the wealth and all the benefits of the earth. , we can not remain indifferent to these stories, even if they are smiling because they reveal that practitioners of yesteryear knew very well what were doing and the lack of writings come down to us, explain exhaustively their processes, do not mean they not act with ignorance and therefore with superstition. Individuals will tend to reject what appears to be a fable, and this is understandable insofar far the government statutes of Magic ,

Universal Laws, it was completely ignored. Mandragore in reality is governed by very powerful Elemental Entities Earth because its roots have a psychic and especially etheric function extremely important. within the meaning of the term, is a "task "Mandrake the making for greater benefit of all mankind because this activity depends in part on the balance of elements acting in the ground (as a crust). It is not possible to dwell on this occult work of the Mandrake. , we can say that the central fire of our planet is affected by this work, he takes part in an etheric and mental aspects and the center of the human being, called Chakra Mulhadra seat Fire Kundalini, is also involved.

This is not to enrich children's stories, naively, it was said that the Mandrake woke "The Great Dragon ... The Mandrake can not be used by n 'anyone and for the benefit of a single person or a family. His "mission" is the collective good. If they are used to a single use, experience shows that manipulation can be dangerous and furthermore compensation is requested to the beneficiary. Admittedly all plants have a collective mission but each can or "is authorized "to provide relief to individuals. 's case Mandrake seems more exceptional although we know that if we sen serves to calm the physical suffering, no compensation is required in return for the Group Spirit.

The mandrake attracts wealth (he may give great profusion), carries some risk. More than wealth, it may grant the glory, fame and great authority ... If you use this wealth in a benefactor or charity, Mandrake but the compensation will be manifested as follows: initially, there will loss of money, as if it took an amount to "sniff" your money, know your own vibration about money "Miss wind, in short, a" witness ") and then gives the money amplified celui- must then be distributed to others, and a small part, identical to the other, should be kept for you. If the power and the glory are sought that Act may apply. Properties This is an indispensable asset and widely used for magical rituals, exceptional virtues.

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