Mandrake: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


MANDRAKE: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Presentation of the mandrake

The mandrake or Mandragora officinale ( Mandragora officinarum ) is a herbaceous perennial plant of the Solanaceae family. Originally from the Mediterranean, it grows in wastelands, cropland and roadsides. This plant adjacent to the belladonna, is rich in alkaloids with hallucinogenic properties. This would explain the many legends that surround it and the magical powers that he has long lent.

Description of the mandrake

The mandrake is a plant about a foot high. It flowers from September to November and the flowers are white, greenish, red or pale violet. She has a very strong odor. Its root , brown on the outside and white on the inside can reach after several years of impressive dimensions: up to 60-80 inches and several pounds! It sinks deep into the earth, making it difficult to pull off. note : the vaguely human form of this root with a trunk and legs is the source of many legends. It is often described as a "little man" with magical powers.

Stories about the mandrake

According to a medieval belief, the cry of the mandrake could go crazy or kill those who ventured to snatch land. The collection of this plant was so proceed carefully (like wax earplugs) and magical rituals.
Often it was a dog tied to the plant which tore the ground. officinale The mandrake is probably the plant which was surrounded by the most superstitions. He was lent the power to bring about love, cure infertility or multiply money. Due to the hallucinogenic effects of this plant, shamans and witches in coated the body to go into a trance. This plant was also used by healers to ease childbirth and care for viper bites.

ts different names:

Mandrake has been known for a very long time, 2000 BC

Babylonian Chaldean priests used it as the Yabinhin; in Greece, she was named plant of Circe; Discorides spoke as the Morion when the root is presented as a man and as the Thridacias when the root was in the form of a woman; and the Hebrew tradition called Dudhaïm.

Its Latin name is Mandragora officinarum, some call Antropomorphos, that is to say, "imago hominis", thus the Germans were careful to say that the name was derived from Mandrake language namely "man "that is to say, man and" dragen "wear; to say "figuram hominis GERENS" means representative or bearing the figure of a man.

In some provinces, she was appointed Mandragorgne, Mandagoire, Mandegloire Main or Mount of Glory, Mandore, the Matagon Grass, Grass peak or Espic and Mandrage.

His birth:

The ancients said that it could arise in two ways.

Either naturally by the seed put in the ground by man; is so magical, it is the latter that interests us.

Mandrake magical virtues push the foot of the gallows and the wheel of torture, we say it begins in the earth regularly watered with blood and semen of hanged. The Brothers Grimm will even evoke this tradition saying, "when a teenager born to parents robbers and he becomes in turn a thief like them, if one day he comes to be hanged and he drops of blood or it spreads semen on the floor, mandrake or little man gallows, shoot in this place. "

Some old books state that these mandrakes are born as men and not women.

The natural virtues

of Medicinal and


The plant is rich in alkaloids, it is atropine, scopolamine and hyoscyamine, which are found in the associated term Mandragorine.

Poultice, it is notably anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory; in drink, it hypnotic and hallucinogenic beware its use can cause death.

Hippocrates (460-380 BC AV) already signals its internal job alcoholate, as antispasmodic and sedative.

Galen (131-205 AD AV) and Celselen (15 AV JC) describe the narcotic and its use in oily drops under mydriatic action.

Discorides (AV 41-68 AD) recommends the inhalation for amputations and weary deliveries.

Pliny (22-79 AD AV) recommends in the use of incisions.

It will then be used in medieval medicine as numb to ease pain.

Picking the mandrake:

In old books we find a thousand and one way to pick, some of which follow: Pliny in his Natural History, says "Those who pick the mandrake take care not to have the wind in their face. They describe three circles around her with a sword, then they remove dirt, turning towards the west. ".

Paracelsus advised to make the night of Friday when the mandrakes are light after the storm, it is appropriate to look at the foot of the gallows, where the semen of hanged brings vitality, or squares of torture or cremation . A hungry black dog, animal sentenced, is attached to the base of the plant, and, excited by the sound of the horn, called off before crossing three concentric circles inscribed on the ground around the mandrake with a dagger magical. The plant emits when pulling a cry of agony unbearable, killing the animal, and not far away the unobstructed ear wax man. The root becomes magical after washing, soaking and maturation shroud; it shows the blank of man, "little man planted" or "homunculus". And pampered, it remains eternally loyal to his master and gives its possessor prodigious prosperity, abundance of goods and fertility.
Stanislas de Guaita describe the scene with some variations in his book the temple of satan: "It was under the gallows they would seek the mandrake;.. to snatch land, they attached at its root the tail of a dog, they struck a mortal blow Struggling, poor dying beast uprooted mandrake So they believed the sensitive soul of the dog going in the mandrake, and by sympathy, it attracted the spiritual soul Hangman! ......

Deception mandrake


Albert the Great relates this story in his writings: "THERE has seducers of people who abuse the credulity & simplicity of the good people, put themselves in great credit by cunning tricks, which apparently have something supernatural: like this is artificial mandrake, with which they infringe the divine oracles. As I passed by Lille in Flanders, I was invited by a friend of mine to accompany him to an old woman who mingled this banter, and who passed for a great soothsayer, and I discovered his fraud, which could not be long hidden. This old we took a lamp, the light of which we saw on a table covered with a cloth, a kind of small statue or doll sitting on a tripod, with the left arm extended, holding in his left hand a little string of strong silk untied at the end of which hung a small fly well polished iron, and below there was a glass of fern , ensorte the fly hanging in the glass about the height of two fingers. And the mystery of the night before was to command the mandrake to hit the fly against the glass, to bear witness to what we wanted to know. The old saying, for example: I command you, Mandrake, in the name of the person to whom you must obey, that if Mr. So happy to be in the journey it will do you to do to hit fly three times against the glass; and saying the last words, she approached her hand at a little distance, grabbing a stick which supported its high at about the height of the suspended fly, who never failed to hit three shots against the glass by hand, though old did not touch in any way to the statue, or the cord or fly; what astonished those who did not know she used trickery: and in order to fool people by the diversity of its oracles, she defended the mandrake to hit the fly against the glass, if this or that should or should not happen: for example, I grazing, mandrake, on behalf of the person to whom you must obey, you do fasses hit points fly against the glass, if Mr. So should die before his wife; and putting his hand in the same position as I said, the fly knocked points against the glass. Here is what was all the artifice of old, which I realized, after looking a bit carefully: Fly iron, which was suspended in the glass at the end of the silken cord, being very light and well magnetized, when the old wanted her smote against the glass, she put one of his fingers a ring, in which was embedded a pretty good chunk of magnet so that the magnetic virtue of the stone set in motion the magnetic fly, and made him hit as many shots she wanted against the glass; and when she wanted to fly no longer smote, she took off her finger the ring without being noticed. Those who were in league with her, and that attracted him practice, had taken care to inform those cleverly business they brought him, and so we were easily fooled.

Replacing the


In countries where the mandrake does not grow, some wizards have found a way to replace it, here's what was said about it the great albert: "we must take root bryone reminiscent of the human figure is released. land on a Monday in the spring, when the moon is in a happy constellation or in conjunction with Jupiter or Venus with lovely appearance.'s ends this root is cut, as do gardeners when to transplant a plant. then it must be buried in a cemetery in the middle of the grave of a dead man and water, before sunrise for a month, with the whey of cow in which three bats have drowned -Mouse. After this time it is removed from earth and is found more resemblance to the human figure. It is dried in a heated oven with vervain, and we keep it wrapped in a piece of linen cloth that has served wrapping a corpse. As long as we are in possession of this mysterious root, we're happy, or find something on the road, or to win in the game of chance, so that we see daily increase his chance.

Powers and virtues of


One attribute in the thousand mandrake and wonderful, it was supposed to bring luck, fame and love to its possessor, some used it for love potions and enchantments.

The Romans were small statuettes called "Alrunes," then the term "alruna" which meant mandrake and witches at the time of the Goths in Germany will be found.

Some wore a piece of mandrake in the pocket to avoid death (the character's death is taken at one time as a real character), others have used it for the favors of a woman, here's ritual

Recipe for making love to a woman, trim the root of mandrake, giving it the appearance of a woman, then, holding in his left hand, trace over it a pentagram, saying: " I have called X. "the then buried in his garden, sprinkle water, milk and blood with the words:" This blood and milk make X my slave forever. "Dig up the root the following night, an hour before sunrise, saying," Let my prayer bless the moon to fill the heart of X of love for me. "Once it has dried, it is enough to love to plant a silver needle in the heart of the figurine thinking of the loved woman before placing an exposed to the rays of the moon window.

This plant would be a good capacitor and a very good amplifier, combined with other herbs or incense, she would have the power to amplify the power of these, it would also be used in liquid and air fluidic capacitors.

Some were small dolls beeswax in which they incorporated fragments of mandrake root and then took great care of them in order to get all the services they wanted.

Of course the plant mage has not yet delivered all its secrets and many discoveries related to his magic powers will be made in the future.

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