Garlic: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


GARLIC: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Antiseptic , anti-inflammatory , anti-cholesterol, anti-oxidant , anti-allergic and even ... aphrodisiac (but then, look out for its effects "kill the love" on the breath) the garlic it would be a miracle cure? Used here more than 5,000 years in the steppes of Central Asia, it was used as poison in ancient Rome. Since then, his success has never wavered.

The many health benefits of garlic

With its acid phenolics, the garlic acts as a powerful antiseptic digestive system and the respiratory system . His thinning effect on the blood , its ability to dissolve small clots would impede the development of atherosclerosis . Furthermore, its active ingredients sulfur dilate the arteries coronary, helping to prevent the angina pectoris . Eaten regularly, it would help prevent cancer of the stomach , the colon and rectum and is effective against intestinal worms. It would also help the digestion , promoting the development of the intestinal flora , with inulin, a prebiotic that has naturally. With all these benefits, you must add its preventive and therapeutic effect against colds, its content in vitamins A, B, C and E, or the presence of allicin molecule antibiotic . And of course (but is it worth mentioning), it would drive away vampires!

Not too much to, otherwise garlic, it hurts

Nevertheless, attention to excess. Consumed in excessive amounts, garlic can cause burns stomach . And even applications local, the "cure" is not trivial and can cause localized necrosis of the skin. It is therefore not abuse the garlic.

( Botany )Kind of bulb of the family of lily (classic classification) or Amaryllidaceae (classification phylogenetic ), composed of several small cloves together in a casing joint . It is used in cooking . In a smell and a taste very strong and pungent due in particular to compounds of sulfur .
Front-de-Boeuf was burnt alive for a less serious offense; because he wanted good table for his prisoners; only they had put too much garlic in stews. - ( Walter Scott , Ivanhoe , Translation from English by Alexandre Dumas, 1820)

Also exemplary juice clove garlic pressed used in the early twentieth century by the opticians to perfect lens support in their mounts. ... - (Isabelle Garraud, Editorial , Collage News, February 2009)
Similarly, a cereal may suffer from the use of a grass herbicides. Other monocots (lily family, for example the garlic , chives ...) are not necessarily sensitive to grass herbicides. - (Eliane Lachuer, Pesticides: Distribution and implementation , Dijon Educagri editions, 2003, 2007, repr., 2012, t.1, p.187)
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The ninth edition (1992-) Dictionary of the French Academy indicates that the plural garlic is rare and tends to be replaced by garlic in all uses. The shape garlic is the plural meaning "species of the genus Allium "typically used by botanists.
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Garlic Round Head
three-cornered garlic
white garlic
grown garlic
garlic deer
garlic from Sainte-Victoire
Garlic Gardens
Garlic vine
golden garlic
garlic rocambole
pink garlic
wild garlic
coil garlic
garlic Victorial
garlic sauce
garlic press
head of garlic
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clove of garlic

Against colds, flu, hypertension, aging, cancer ... Garlic is a staple health food! Virtues and instructions of this little magic bean!

It lowers blood pressure

"Studies have shown that garlic lowers blood pressure by about 10%," says Dr. Frank Senninger, nutritionist. "It would also reduce atherosclerosis [accumulation of fat in the walls of arteries] by reducing the volume of plates cholesterol and giving greater elasticity to the aorta of the heart after 50 years. " Why: The reasons are still not known garlic but would contain fructans, magnesium and adenosine. Compounds that have a direct effect on the flow of blood, removing water and dilation of arteries. Consumption: 2 cloves of garlic raw or cooked 4 / day on 2-3 taken, crushed or chopped to swallow with a sip of water for life.

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