Garlic: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


GARLIC: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

The normal garlic (Allium sativum) is to get all year round in almost any business. By the smell are the ghosts, but the health effects of garlic is undisputed. Even when cooking everyone knows to do something with the white tuber. For a long time the spicy ingredient is no longer appreciated only in the kitchen hot countries where garlic came from ancient times, not least because of its antibacterial property to the plate. Spaghetti "Aglio e Olio", a fresh tzatziki or a hint of garlic in tomato sauce are also in this country become indispensable to many dining plans. By the way: Strictly speaking, the term not at all garlic bulb. It is rather an onion, which is composed of many individual toes.

Garlic as a medicinal plant
Even as a medicinal plant of garlic is known. Even the Egyptians he should have served as a tonic and have been successfully used against intestinal parasites. Later he was told by even in bite wounds, hair loss to have a positive or lung disease. Of all these areas of today is hardly the question. Garlic is now primarily in the fight against the widespread disease of arteriosclerosis used.

The health-promoting agents of the toe are simultaneously responsible for their intense aroma. There are organic sulfur compounds such as allicin. This and related compounds act at very different places to finally protect against cardiovascular disease.
On the one hand they are regarded as blood-thinning and preventing the sticking of individual platelets. So blood can flow more freely and curdles less easily through the veins. This in turn protects against the formation of blood clots. There are also studies showing a slightly hypotensive property of garlic. Discusses still controversial whether allicin is also able to reduce the bad LDL cholesterol levels.
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Mode of action of garlic
If you want to take advantage of the health substances particularly well, the following should be observed in dealing with Garlic: Allicin only arises when the cell walls of garlic are damaged - for example, during pressing. Because then enters enzyme from which cleaves the precursor substance alliin to allicin the active and other compounds.

For this reason it makes sense, according to the investigations of Argentine researchers to crush garlic before use and then to let them go for about ten minutes. Thus, the enzyme alliinase time to produce the protective substance allicin. Who the garlic then mitgart only about three minutes, allows for optimal effectiveness. Because the sulfur compounds are also sensitive to heat.
However, are safer in the effect of concentrated garlic preparations from the pharmacy, mainly in the form of coated tablets are offered. Many preparations contain, in addition, for example, hawthorn and mistletoe for heart strengthening and supporting circulatory function. Enteric capsules can ensure that the garlic odor does not occur immediately after ingestion.

also referred to as:
Allium sativum; Garlic; Garlic onion; Knobloch; Knofel; Knopfel

Acts garlic
Below you will learn more about areas of application and mode of action of garlic. Please also read the information on the drug group promoting the circulation to which the agent belongs garlic.

Field of application of the active ingredient: Garlic

Garlic lowers blood lipid levels and therefore can at dyslipidemia to reduce high blood cholesterol ( hypercholesterolemia contribute).

If the cholesterol level in the blood increases abnormally long term, it can cause arterial disease such as arteriosclerosis come. As a result, serious diseases such as can heart attack and stroke occur. The natural active ingredient reduces deposits in the blood vessels that cause arterial circulatory disorders, and prevents vascular occlusion before.

Garlic also acts inhibiting growth of bacteria and fungi and is therefore used in natural medicine for the treatment of respiratory infections.

Following applications of garlic -depth information is available:

arterial circulatory disorders
Mode of action of garlic

Garlic (Allium sativum) is an aromatic and medicinal plant from the family of the onion family (Alliaceae). The main reason for the healing properties of garlic are sulfur-containing ingredients. Particularly noteworthy is the odorless alliin, which by the enzyme is converted Allicinase in the active form allicin. More healing ingredients of garlic are S-methyl-L-cysteine ​​sulfoxide, gamma-L-glutamyl peptides, S-allylcysteine, various amino acids , steroids and adenosine.

The positive effect of garlic on blood lipids is caused mainly by the contained allicin. Allicin inhibits an enzyme, which is required for the construction of fatty substances. By inhibiting excessive lipid levels can be reduced. Taken for several weeks to months Knboblauch eventually causes a normalization of Bluttfettwerte.

Garlic also affects the flow properties of blood low by promoting the resolution along stored platelets and reduced blood clotting. The formation of blood clots (thrombi) is counteracted.

In naturopathy, garlic is also attributed to a hypotensive and vasodilatory effects. For these effects, the allicin and ajoene be held responsible. These ingredients cause by changes in electrolyte conditions at the cell walls of a relaxation of the vascular smooth muscle and thus a dilation of blood vessels.

Allicin also acts inhibiting growth of bacteria and fungi. This effect is mainly used for excitation of the gastrointestinal tract in infectious intestinal disorders and respiratory infections.

also referred to as:
Allium sativum; Garlic; Garlic onion; Knobloch; Knofel; Knopfel

What interactions shows garlic?

Please note that the interactions depending on the dosage form of a drug (eg, tablet, spray, ointment) may be different.

The effect of blood pressure-lowering mirror drugs such as ACE inhibitors or calcium channel blockers may be enhanced by garlic.

With simultaneous application of garlic and anticoagulant drugs (anticoagulants) such as warfarin or phenprocoumon the bleeding tendency can be reinforced.

The effect of protease inhibitors indinavir and saquinavir such as for AIDS treatment can be reduced by garlic. This interaction has to be considered especially in preparations containing more garlic ingredient as it corresponds to 0.8 grams of fresh plant material.

The garlic plant (Allium sativum) is used in many cuisines of the world as spice plant, but it is also used as a medicinal plant. In addition to the official name "garlic" still circulating many other terms for the leek plant such as garlic, Knofi, Knofl or in Switzerland chnobli. The name is derived garlic "klioban" from the Old High German parlance, the "split" means and is due to the split appearance of the so-called cloves.

The description of the garlic plant

Allium sativum is a plant with unearthly herb and a trained onion, the actual fruit. This is free like an onion from fresh green and can then be used either fresh or stored. The garlic is from five to twenty small side toes that are joined together to form a tuber. Everything is surrounded by a fine white or pinkish-purple skin. garlic growing at a height of between 30 cm and 90 cm and forms up to 15 mm broad, green leaves from. The flower of the garlic is white or slightly pink and developed by dropping the petals in small cylindrical cap the bulbils. There are two varieties of garlic:

The culture of garlic Allium sativum L. sativum variant
Allium sativum ophioscorodon, variant
Of these two varieties, many varieties are commercially available that can be planted in the garden in the autumn or in the spring. In particularly mild regions they are even to be found growing wild. Origin of garlic as a food crop of garlic from Central and South Asia came to Europe. He made ​​his way across the Mediterranean, where he is as popular as in our northern regions. His popularity as a cooking spice and as a medicine dates back to ancient times. Through evidence was shown that already have consumed in Egypt when the pyramids garlic so the slaves to fight lice or intestinal parasites. too, among the Romans and Greeks came garlic as a medicinal plant used. Here he was told, for example, in one of the most important literary works of Judaism after that regular consumption it:


Saturates the body
Clears the mind
The virility strengthens
Distributes parasites from the intestinal
At these times, we had no medicine and had to make do with less tried and tested means. Also, the physician of antiquity Pedanios Dioscorides wrote a book about the diverse field of application of garlic. These were used until the Middle Ages and used for the treatment of bites by animals, toothache to treatment of plague. In earlier times, the garlic was used for or against many things, today its health effects is even known yet, but he is most often used in cooking as a spice. As such, garlic is often ltiviert even in your own garden or even in a flower pot. Growing in the Garden Many gardeners who grow fruit and vegetables on their plots are also interested to plant garlic. These are undoubtedly the lovers of bulbous plant or a half of those garlic either like or dislike. at two possible times can garlic be planted in the garden and this is the February or the October (middle). It namely the over-grown winter garlic says does not absolutely require a faster ripening, but the bulbs may be somewhat greater than in the plants used in the spring. This may be due to the cold stimulus that stimulates the plant to grow. tip: garlic planted in October in winter with a mulch layer of frost protection Two kinds of ways to start If you want to plant out garlic, place two options. Either the breeding onion in a garden neighbor who already has garlic plants in the soil, at the appropriate time removed after flowering, or put a garlic bulb in the ground. Hatching onion forms small beads of which are eingeharkt in the bed and there next year grow a little garlic plant. This can happen even in a planter or in a flower pot, in this case the gardener must be careful, however, that the frost, the seedlings can not freeze. So protect Mobile Planters always before the frost. garlic cloves that have formed a green shoot, can be used to develop new plants. For this they are put into the ground, as well as tulip bulbs would set. It is stated that October is the best time for it, but also there are reports that the spring would be better in this case. It is also probably on the exact location and the location of the garden. Try helps in knowledge and great harm must not suffer it, except the waiver of the hoped-for garlic bulbs. Preparing the planting site for planting garlic does not require any special device special. Sure you have a garden owners a series puller in the shed, alternatively also reaches a long string and two Endstöcke for attachment. With a dibber, a hole is made ​​for each clove of garlic into the ground, alternatively, a small flower trowel could be used. , the earth of the bed, in which the garlic should be planted is well loosened. Garlic would like to grow in a loose and fertile soil, a portion of compost can therefore only be beneficial. If the bed has a moderately moist soil and is located in a sunny spot, you can start with the planting:

Garlic plants

Garlic flower

Loosen soil
Incorporate compost
Divide garlic bulb into individual cloves
Distributed at a distance of about 10 cm
Insert deeply about 2.5 cm
Row spacing 45 cm
A normal blanket of earth protects the plant against premature expulsion and from too much moisture. Soil moisture may not like garlic, so you should especially if he is placed in the pot, do not be cast too much.

Tip: cloves of garlic lay diagonally into the earth so that water does not accumulate at the root.

As with the onions and garlic can be attacked by specific pests. He is also particularly prone to rust or mildew.

Tip: Garlic is harvested when the leaf turns yellow green is about half full.

What else can in the garden garlic

Garlic flowers garlic for its health effects on humans more than known. But he also has a different effect than this. His presence among other plants in the garden can ensure that they can grow up healthier. Like all plants but can both have a good and a bad neighborhood, there are also places where you prefer should not be planted garlic.
Strawberries, which very often from gray mold are affected - especially when summer is rather damp and cool as warm and sunny - find the neighborhood of garlic great. He prevented in this case, namely the formation of gray mold.
He can against aphids also be used on houseplants that pounce with fondness about the fresh buds. To prevent a small clove of garlic is simply inserted into the potting soil in the pot. Balcony plants are also happy haunted by aphids, as well as potted plants in the garden. Garlic plants between not only helps in the fight against pests, but also provides the same healthy tubers for consumption.

Tip: Garlic increases the fragrance of roses, put several toes around the root in the earth.

If you want to use any garlic plant to ward off pests, but a brew - like the nettles out - there is a recipe for it:
Mince garlic and 75 g
and let it draw water in 1 liter

Sieving and let it rest for 24 hours
Cloves of garlicThis approach is diluted with water in a 1:10 ratio and can allow the leaves and buds of the plant spray. This is done on three consecutive days and is effective against black spot, powdery mildew and aphids. As part of the biological control of garlic can also against voles are used. By contained in garlic substances allicin and mercaptan and voles are sold, if you are the broth to the plants in the near area resident voles. conclusion garlic wins in the kitchen is becoming increasingly important, what also the wide range of international courts is favored. Garlic breath but you do not necessarily bear is sufficient a small amount of the tuber. In addition to the flavor enrichment of food garlic also has health benefits. The ingredients have been known since ancient times, especially in the intestine to provide "for order". Its essential oils are good for the blood vessels and will also regulate blood pressure. In the garden garlic grows easily and can even thrive between the geraniums in the flower box. Who wants more of it and wants to create a supply for next winter, garlic can be planted in rows in garden. When the sheets are yellow, is harvested. The air-dried tubers can be stored then cool and dark for many weeks.

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