Honey: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?


Honey: Properties, Benefits, Side-effects?
Honey: 5 Extraordinary properties' healing

Honey has been considered nia UN Drug CENTURIES are real, to be used in different occasions for the Prevention and Care of Small Health Disorders, WHEN Still Medicines to which we are accustomed today did not exist.

The Science negligence LAST years has DECIDED to find evidence of its effectiveness. Who ethical reasons for not Consume, may substitute with malt flavor and consistency of the similarity rather, negligence USES kitchen and come sweetener. Those Who instead decide to add the characteristic of Power, Semper should express their preference toward organic honey and raw, Che Now That did not deprive him of industrial processes such as nutrients Whether it up and dalle What could be drawn for Own Benefit bless you.

You should also keep the income coming some pediatricians prefer to forbid That Come administered honey Children Age Less year to the United Nations, for ANY Risk of Infections due to the possible presence of botulinum toxin, to avert the risk of appearance of allergic reactions and DO get used to the sweet taste the Little early, UN factor That might influence their food choices in the future.
Here are some CASES in which Science has been able to examine the beneficial effects of honey on the body.

1) Sedative Cough
According to studies carried out by the Experts Part of Tel Aviv University, the honey can be considered to be a substitute of Commons UN cough syrups and administered in the evening before bedtime doses of the UN teaspoon come if it were a real Right Medication . The doctors have been able to be Income During A similarity experimentation to come It May Actually Be Effective In calm the cough, No need to resort to OTHER Medicines.

2) Property antibiotic
The antibiotic properties of the antibiotic properties of honey applied topically on the skin were well known by the other party of Traditional Natural Medicine, but were soon to Forget MANY with the arrival of penicillin and Pharmaceutical ointments for the treatment of burns and abrasions. According to one study conducted in New Zealand, honey, with Particular Reference to Variety "Manuka", contain a quantity of hydrogen peroxide How beneficial would be the application of a disinfectant antibiotic and small lesions of the skin.

3) Anti-inflammatory Properties
Among its many features considered beneficial for health, anti-inflammatory properties of honey presentation also What makes the USA Application Suitable caso of bites of insects, with Particular Reference, steam and mosquito bites. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey allow it to relieve the itching and redness caused from contact with Our chat Insects skin.

4) Content of antioxidants
Honey deemed to be un Functional food rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants that can help our body in the prevention of many diseases and slow down the processes of aging In Which involve him with the passage of time. Honey Ê considered in Degree of protection of the Human Body From Free Radicals by the action took place and also to benefit heart health.

5) Healing for acne
According to some research Foreplay That will have to be thorough, the beneficial properties of honey may possess exploitable for the treatment of inflammatory statically skin caused by acne, with reference to the events that occur on the skin of a cause infections of the sebaceous follicles of the face, chest and Back. The Positive Effects of honey nda Comparisons acne may be due to the antibacterial properties that scientific research has recently attributed to it. These healing properties would be present in honey Variety "Manuka" and "Kanuka."

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