Garlic: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


GARLIC: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Garlic is estimated to health as a medicinal plant for centuries because of its positive effect. The contents of the tubers, shall be considered antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Also, regular consumption of garlic before vascular disease and thus against thrombosis, strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases is intended to protect. Current media reports, the positive effect of garlic but may sometimes overestimated.

Not all agree assertions about the positive health effects of garlic, reports "online world", citing the statements of nutritionists of the Association for Independent Health counseling (UGB) in casting, the Association of Nutrition and Dietetics in Aachen and the German Nutrition Society (DGE). Although clearly be scientifically proven numerous health benefits of garlic, but especially from those contained vitamin is due to the small amount expected to no particular effect.

For example, would have been several hundred grams of garlic per day be consumed in order to get the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. garlic: a medicinal plant for over 3,000 years for more than 3,000 years used the health benefits of garlic for medicinal purposes. The leek plant "has already been mentioned in ancient Egyptian writings from the period around 1550 BC as a medicine and is still regarded as a prophylactic and a cure for many diseases," citing "online world" the expert Margret Morlo by the Association of Nutrition and Dietetics in Aachen.

The positive effect on the health is achieved by the components of the tuber, such as the many vitamins (vitamins A, B, C), minerals (e.g., potassium and selenium), but also the valuable phytochemicals such as polyphenols or sulfides. In addition, garlic has a high content of adenosine, which is as a building block for cell metabolism of significance. vitamins and minerals in garlic with little effect , but not all health-promoting ingredients of garlic drop at the relatively low levels of intake equal to the weight, so Stefan Weigt by the Association for Independent Health advice in casting. How Weigt erläutertet, the concentrations of minerals and vitamins are relatively small and it would have been very large quantities of garlic are consumed in order to get the recommended daily dose.

For example, 800 grams of garlic would be needed to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C. However, garlic contains the minerals and vitamins numerous phytochemicals that exert a significant positive effect on health. "In terms of secondary plant substances can trump the tubers properly, notably with the sulfides," said the statement of the UGB experts. sulfides show very positive effects on the health of the sulfur-containing compounds are not only in garlic but also in onions and leeks however contain. .Your concentration in garlic is particularly high. Thereby, the "sulfides in many ways have a positive effect on health. example, they are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory," says the DGE expert Antje Gahl. Sulphides could therefore infectious diseases such as Preventing colds and help in their treatment. scientifically proven is the positive effect for colds including through studies at the University of Arizona (USA). too Studies, University of Sheffield (UK) have shown that garlic counteracts the development of periodontal disease and other oral mucosal diseases. Due the antimicrobial sulfides, the growth of the pathogens will be inhibited. lowering blood lipids by garlic consumption In addition, a positive effect of garlic on blood lipids. Thus, several studies have clearly shown that the ingredients of the leek crop reduce blood lipids and therefore preventive against diseases of the blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis, act. Cholesterol levels can be significantly reduced by the total of regular garlic consumption was also confirmed by Margret Morlo by the Association for Nutrition and Dietetics.

It was proven that the sulfides in garlic "the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood - that blood lipid levels - reduce," says the expert. This was stated, inter alia, by a working group at the National Cardiology Research Center in Moscow, a reduction in total cholesterol by 7.6 percent observed after twelve weeks of garlic therapy in a test group of 42 volunteers. garlic protects against heart attacks, strokes and blood clots Stefan Weigt the UGB explained that regular consumption of garlic on reducing blood lipid levels can potentially protect against atherosclerosis. This vascular disease is caused by deposits of blood fats and lime on the vessel walls. The elasticity of the blood vessels and it suffers show increasing restrictions that impede the flow of blood or even can completely block. The result of arterial degeneration can thrombosis, heart pain due to angina pectoris, stroke, a heart attack or have sudden cardiac death. Regular garlic consumption therefore also reduces the risk of appropriate cardiovascular diseases, explained the UGB expert. Although a direct protective effect of garlic against the aforementioned diseases is not clearly been established scientifically, but lowering blood lipid levels have a non-setting of the hand to the positive effect on the cardiovascular system. This is probably one of the reasons that people from Mediterranean countries where traditionally a lot of garlic is eaten, statistically less likely to suffer from heart disease, reports "online world".

Every day four grams of garlic
Garlic to prevent cancer?
Besides the already described health-promoting effects of garlic and its antioxidant effect is seen as something positive. To provide current studies indicate that garlic may exert a preventive or even soothing effect against colon cancer. The garlic will not reputed for no reason, "that he can, thanks to its antioxidant phytochemicals inhibit cell damage and the emergence of tumor cells," says the expert of the German Nutrition Society, Antje Gahl. Although missing here yet definitive proof, but "the analysis of a number of animal studies and statistical surveys suggests that garlic reduces the risk of cancer." When gastric and colon cancer, this applies almost as busy, so Gahl. The antioxidants in garlic have the ability to neutralize free radicals, which are considered to cause cell damage and may contribute to the degeneration of cells. regular garlic consumption particularly important to achieve a positive health effect of garlic consumption, it is aloud to the experts especially important to consume garlic regularly.

"The best day - with a median dose of four grams is recommended in order," said Margret Morlo. To consider is also that the health-promoting sulfur compounds and other phytochemicals are not activated until crush the tough, added Stefan Weigt. Pressing, cutting or crushing are similarly well suited here. It should also be borne in mind that garlic contains the most health-promoting substances in the raw state.

The longer the garlic is heated, the more it loses therefore its positive effect on health. Who does not tolerate raw garlic, this should therefore sauté briefly to get as many of his agents. in naturopathy, garlic is used to treat worms, intestinal yeast and dysbiosis (imbalance) of the intestinal flora, the application usually in the form of an enema boiled three crushed garlic cloves done in one liter of water. The liquid is cooled down to hand temperature and introduced using an irrigator available in the pharmacy. garlic odor only drawback Despite the diverse health benefits of regular garlic consumption that this also has a disadvantage to our fellow man especially. The released through pores and breath odor is often perceived by the environment as unpleasant and disturbing. A tip here is boiling briefly with whole milk, what should act odor absorbing the natural way. Furthermore, applies the preparation with spinach or garlic soup with peas or lentils, as largely odorless. However, the fumes can not be avoided altogether usually, so that in terms of health, the fellow must live in doubt with the garlic-like odor. (FP)

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