Garlic: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


GARLIC: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Plenty of garlic at dinner the gentlemen have something even the next day. Who then puts forward the health benefits of the tuber, like score. But not all agree assertions.
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Enlightened curative effect of garlic
The chemical substances of bulbous plant to be transformed from the red blood cells of man to the messenger hydrogen sulfide H2S. Hydrogen sulphide relaxes blood vessels and improves the blood circulation in the body
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Old superstitions of garlic is to serve the defense of vampires. Modern science occasionally attested to him also a certain protective function - but not before Count Dracula, but attacks on health.

"Garlic has already been mentioned in ancient Egyptian writings from the period around 1550 BC as a medicine and is still regarded as a prophylactic and a cure for many diseases," says Margret Morlo by the Association of Nutrition and Dietetics in Aachen.

Your health-promoting effect owes its ingredients, which belongs to the Allium plants Tuber: Garlic contains numerous vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, B and C, and potassium and selenium. And he can come up with a number of valuable phytochemicals such as polyphenols or sulfides. He also has a relatively high content of adenosine - a module that is important for cell metabolism.

Relatively low levels of intake

"Since the amounts consumed in garlic are usually relatively low, not all its health-promoting ingredients fall equally significant," says Stefan Weigt by the Association for Independent Health advice in casting. This applies as for the vitamins and minerals that contains the plant in a concentration at which it already would have to eat a lot in order to meet its needs. So almost 800 grams of garlic would be needed to achieve the vitamin C daily target.

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"Quite different it looks in terms of secondary plant substances. Them with the tubers can show off properly, notably with the sulfides," explains nutritionist. Sulfides are sulfur-containing compounds found in garlic, for example, except in onions and leeks.

"Sulfides may in many ways have a positive effect on health. Example, they are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory," says Antje Gahl of the German Nutrition Society (DGE). This could infectious diseases such as colds prevent or help in their fight.

Blood lipid levels are reduced

Has been demonstrated for the example of colds including studies at the University of Arizona (USA). Studies at the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) according Garlic can counteract the development of periodontal disease and other oral mucosal diseases, since it inhibits the growth of pathogens.

Also on the cardiovascular system have the garlic sulfur compounds positive effects. "It has been proven that they the cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood - that blood lipid levels - reduce," explains Morlo.

A working group of the National Cardiology Research Center in Moscow, for example, presented in 42 subjects after twelve weeks of garlic therapy reduces total cholesterol by 7.6 percent fixed.

Shield for the heart and vessels

This means that the regular consumption of garlic could possibly atherosclerosis prevention - that is, the vascular occlusion due to deposits of blood fats or -kalken. "And thus cardiovascular diseases such as thrombosis , strokes or heart attacks, "Weigt adds.

Garlic as a protective shield for the heart and blood vessels? Definitely determined that question is not before. For there are also studies that could not confirm this. That people from Mediterranean countries where traditionally a lot of garlic is eaten, statistically less likely to suffer from heart disease, but could be seen as proof of this.

"Is rumored to him also that he can, thanks to its antioxidant phytochemicals inhibit cell damage and the emergence of tumor cells," says Gahl.

Regular consumption important

The background is that antioxidants have the ability to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are substances that attack cells and can degenerate. "Certainly it's not you," she limits. "But the analysis of a number of animal studies and statistical surveys suggests that garlic reduces the risk of cancer." In relation to gastric and colorectal cancer was regarded as the virtually occupied.

Who wants to get the health benefits of garlic advantage should note the following:. "It's very important to regularly consume it daily is best - being a mean dose of about four grams recommended" explains Morlo.

As for the preparation, are the ghosts. So the one pleading for presses, while others focus on cutting or crushing. "It is clear that the phytochemicals are only activated by crushing the garlic and that it contains the most in the raw state," said Weigt.

Like it or not you can tolerate it so it is recommended to him only to sweat shortly. So as many of its active ingredients are retained.

As delicious cooking ingredient, especially in Mediterranean cuisine garlic is known to all, not all like the taste of garlic.

However, garlic is also an excellent remedy for health. Not only that, he has an antibacterial effect, it is also effective against atherosclerosis, which makes him very valuable because there are few herbs that act at vasoconstriction.


Main applications: Arteriosclerosis,
Healing: antibacterial,
Areas of application: High blood pressure,
enhancement of resistance,
immune system strengthening,
lung weakness,
loss of appetite,
gastrointestinal infections,
gastrointestinal weakness,
heart failure,
a preventive measure against cancer (conditional), menopausal symptoms , warts,

scientific name: Allium sativum
Plant Family: Bulbs = Alliaceae
English name: Garlic
popular names: Knofel, Knöblich, Knuflook, Knuflauk
Parts used: Tuber
Ingredients : Essential oil, allicin,
Collection time: September to October


Garlic First and foremost, you can eat the garlic, preferably raw in salads.
But also cooked the garlic is beneficial to health.

The typical garlic odor can not quite handle, but if all the people with whom you have direct contact, also ate garlic, the smell does not bother.

Full freshly harvested garlic smells way, much less strict than seasoned garlic.

Angwendet regularly acts garlic against atherosclerosis, ie, it reduces deposits in the blood vessels and prevents the formation of new ones.

Thus, the garlic acts indirectly against high blood pressure and can help prevent heart attack and stroke.

In addition, the digestion is strengthened and promoted the immune system.


You can with the garlic cloves and a tincture start.
Cut the garlic into small pieces and put it in alcohol.
Let stand for ten days and shake regularly.
Then strain and add a few drops of angelica root oil.
Angelika The root oil attenuates the smell.
Take the garlic tincture 20 drops a day.
Garlic is commercially available in capsules, so you can take it without odor risk.

Garlic in the kitchen

Garlic is best to eat it.
So you can connect a delicious taste with good health effect.

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Externally you can use sliced ​​garlic cloves in slices against warts.
With a plaster stuck to individual slices on the spot with the wart and allows them to work overnight. Such a patch you have to repeatedly apply before it takes effect.

Plant Description

Garlic The original home of the garlic is southern Europe and the Near East. There, the garlic is also grown on a large scale.
Also in Central Europe garlic is often grown in gardens, sometimes he comes wild before, but rarely.

In early spring sprouting from the garlic cloves a drive with flat stems. Even this delicate stalks taste of garlic and can, as long as they are young, are used in salads.

In midsummer, this stems wither, while the toe becomes thickened and tuber, which in turn contains several toe.

In late summer, the bulb can then be harvested.

A funny relatives of garlic is the rock Bolle wearing on her ringed stalk a garlic bulb instead of flowers.

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