Garlic: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


GARLIC: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Health Centre) - garlic was and is used in almost all cultures and cuisines application. He is traditionally used not only as a seasoning ingredient, but also medically. It is particularly known that garlic keeps the blood, heart and blood vessels healthy. What is less known that the garlic disinfects the bowels and also in diabetes and even cancer can have amazing effects. A number of scientific studies now confirm the time-tested in the Naturopathy uses the tasty miracle tuber called garlic.

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Garlic: For thousands of years in use
It is believed that the Ur-garlic was grown before about 5000 years in Central Asia and from there finally came across the Middle East to Europe.

Egypt, for example, was literally as the garlic land of antiquity. There, the tuber was considered a sacred plant, and given the pharaohs as grave goods with on their last journey. The workers at the construction of the pyramids were raw onions and garlic, to maintain their health and strength.

In China it was known the garlic has also been around 2,000 to use BC. The Chinese writing is the word for garlic, suan, by a single character - a reference to his frequent use since the beginning of language development.

Kamen Roman doctors in a new land, they planted first and foremost to garlic. In addition to their many other uses the tuber Roman soldiers served on their long marches as a remedy for athlete's foot.

But wherever and the garlic was planted and used medically, its main applications were almost the same everywhere: digestive disorders, respiratory diseases, all kinds of infections, snake bites, worm infestation and general weakness.

In the Middle Ages, garlic was also used against the plague and other infectious diseases, and later also against scurvy and rheumatism.

Garlic: Immoral, but effective
The pleasure of love is the garlic, according to medieval monastic medicine also incite him what his time gave an extremely immoral Image.

Such was the relationship with the garlic already in the past, a split, even if as today, where more of the typical garlic taste divides people into two camps for different reasons.

But all that does not change the now scientifically proven healing properties of aromatic tuber.

The first scientific proof of its strong antibacterial effect was derived from the year 1858, from Louis Pasteur himself - the world-famous microbiologist who especially made a name in the field of vaccine research.

Garlic: Allicin protects against free radicals
Although its beneficial effects on health is certainly ultimately to the overall composite of all ingredients, especially the sulfur compound allicin is considered that material, the garlic not only due to its smell, but even its main effect.

Allicin is garlic first in its precursor "alliin" before. Only when the garlic cells are injured by peeling, cutting or chopping, an enzyme called alliinase is released, which instantly reacts under the influence of the air present in the clove of garlic alliin. This reaction creates allicin.

Allicin increases in blood levels of the antioxidant enzymes catalase and two glutathione peroxidase. In this way, free radicals trapped and damage to cell membranes can be avoided more. The aging process is slowed.

Garlic prevents thrombosis before and stabilizes blood pressure
Also, aging processes of the vascular system (atherosclerosis) can be contained with the garlic. Moreover, it improves the flow properties of the blood, expands and relaxes the blood vessels and thus contributes to the normalization of high blood pressure.

Worth a thought is the better supply of the brain and the eye fundus cells by the vasodilatory effect of allicin, which should be interesting with regard to diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia, gray and glaucoma, etc..

Also stuck saponins in garlic, phytochemicals with positive influences on the regulation of blood fats (cholesterol). They thus contribute to improved blood flow and increased clamping force of the vessels.

Ajoene is also a sulfur compound in garlic. They diluted the blood in a natural way, by degrading the fibrin clot material.

With the help of all these different substances Garlic can counteract blood clots and prevent thrombosis and stroke - as opposed to blood-thinning medications in a natural way and without any side effects.

Garlic: Natural Antibiotic
Already in the Talmud is for garlic written: "He makes the face radiant, it increases the sperm, and he kills small creatures in the intestines."

No wonder Garlic is traditionally used for intestinal problems (bloating, fermentation processes and cramping pain) as well as for colds or flu.

In particular, allicin and will give rise to sulfur compounds have anti-microbial properties, as they soak up all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites (bacteria - eg also Borrelia, viruses, fungi, amoebae, worms.) Are able to act without the other, the beneficial intestinal bacteria attack.

Garlic can thus be described as a natural antibiotic, which unlike chemical antibiotics promotes the maintenance of healthy intestinal flora. Since the intestinal flora constitutes the largest part of the human immune system, thus making garlic while helping to strengthen the immune system.

An intact intestinal environment also allows a better absorption and utilization of nutrients, which means that it is more "usable" in the cells, which eventually turn the whole organism benefits.

Garlic in cancer prevention and cancer therapy
The anticancer properties of garlic are not only accused of it, but have been occupied by a number of studies (eg, Mirelman, David (2005):. Apoptotic killing fo B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia tumor cells in allicin generated in situ using a rituximab-alliinase conjugate ).

Also to be responsible for the anti-cancer effects of garlic primarily sulfur compounds. Thus, in the conversion of allicin result two fat-soluble substances: diallyl sulfide (DAS) and diallyl disulfide (DADS).

Based on current information, it is believed that these sulfur compounds of garlic engage primarily in two of the processes involved in tumor formation processes:

Firstly, they reduce their elimination, so that the DNA (genetic material) is less severely damaged the reactivity of carcinogenic substances and accelerate. Secondly, they are able to disrupt the cancer cells in their growth and thus initiate by apoptosis (suicide) cell death. So that they counteract the spread of tumors.

In concrete terms, the anti-cancer effects of garlic for colon cancer, gastric and esophageal cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer were detected.

So let with regard to lung cancer, for. Example, at least two Chinese studies attention. Both garlic as well as green tea could therefore serve as protective factors for this cancer. The scientists announced that garlic and green tea appeared to compensate in some way the negative effects of typical lung cancer risk factors (smoking, eating fried food, etc.).

Even in the treatment of prostate cancer and benign prostate enlargements garlic preparations have long been used. It explains the positive effects of prostate cancer also here with its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer effect in general.

Garlic protects the liver
Garlic also helps to counteract the wear of the liver, by consolidating their cell walls and support the body in its detoxification function.

Thus, the tuber z. B. Heavy metal poisoning (mercury, cadmium) are used or mitigate the negative consequences of alcohol consumption.

Garlic in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
The Traditional Chinese Medicine confirmed - as many other naturopathic therapies also - the aforementioned effects of garlic.

Broadly classified, the TCM the different foods according to their tastes and their temperature behavior.

Garlic is associated with the flavor "sharp". The pungent taste dissolves substances such as stagnation of blood and Qi (energy), distributes external pathogenic (disease-causing) factors, opens the pores and induces sweating.

The temperature behavior of the garlic is warm to hot, ie it is to drive in the location invading cold and heat "the middle". At the same time, allow the food with warm or hot temperature behavior of blood and Qi (energy) to circulate better.

Thus, once more comprehensible why the garlic with its combination of "warm / hot and spicy" especially for the treatment of He refrig ments and is so well suited to improve the vascular situation.

It is also understood that garlic is not necessarily suitable assistants and precisely because of this combination "sharpness and heat" for everyone / every situation.

Thus, the use of garlic only in those colds, flu-like infections etc. is displayed, not accompanied by fever.

Apart from acute fever knows the Chinese medicine further disharmony patterns that already too much heat in the body underlies (z. B. "damp heat in the bile"). These regular consumption of garlic would rather cause a worsening of symptoms.

Garlic has side effects?
Side effects are generally not to be feared when used for cooking, eating garlic, only gastric and intestinal upsets are possible when consuming very large quantities.

"The dose makes the poison" applies here as with any herb, spice or other food. If you do not like garlic partout, you should keep away from it - maybe there is no such aversion for no reason.

People who are already taking anticoagulant medication should be careful with the regular consumption of garlic, as people with low blood pressure.

In disorders of the pancreas or kidney disease, a high garlic consumption is also not displayed.

Garlic: Fresh or capsules?
The strong smell of garlic, which is intended as a protection against predators, even so some people can flinch before consumption.

People who are still inclined towards the tuber, but fear for their social contacts with regular consumption. The obvious question is whether there was absolutely fresh tuber must be, or whether garlic supplements do not have a similar effect - without the obligatory side effect of "garlic breath".

Here opinions differ. On the one hand it is said that garlic fresh garlic coated tablets in its overall effect not inferior.

On the other hand, there are voices, fresh crushed garlic is the best supplier of active ingredients and therefore dietary supplements in any case preferable.

The main active ingredient of garlic, allicin is now even a very unstable compound which is rapidly converted into more or less complex sulfur compounds. So one can easily imagine that any form of further processing of garlic, whether influenced by heating, freeze drying, steam distillation o. Ä., The mode of action of allicin contained.

In addition, it must be remembered that even the conversion of alliin to allicin by an enzyme (alliinase) is accomplished. However, enzymes are deactivated or destroyed both to high and low temperatures.

Tests should have shown that the amount of released dietary supplements allicin can vary from 0.4 to 6.5 mg depending on the manufacturer - what natural is a very large span.

For the use of fresh garlic, this means that you should eat it raw if you want to get all of its effects in the full enjoyment. The daily dose is an average of a clove of garlic.

When cooking garlic should be given until the end of the meal. Oil increases the effectiveness of garlic.

Garlic breath no thanks?
Been if comes with consideration for the environment fresh garlic not every day in question, you should be interested in the method of preparation of the candidate garlic preparation and select preferably preparations of garlic dry powder, in which still contain all original components, and not just individual active compounds from garlic isolated have.

A guarantee for the highest possible amount of active allicin has, however, probably only for fresh consumption - if the garlic was stored accordingly.

According star chef Alfons Beck ginger is able to buffer the odor-forming effect of garlic. He gives to each flavored with garlic court a slice of ginger, as also mutually reinforcing his view, the positive attributes of both spices.

Also, parsley, milk or lemon are often mentioned as a remedy for garlic breath. Ultimately, there is probably not a wholly-owned funds, as the garlic smell emanates not only the mouth, but ultimately all the skin pores of the body.

Proper storage of garlic
Garlic bulbs should be kept in the kitchen cool and dry in summer in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.

Once opened, a tuber these should be used within 10 days of making the individual toes do not dry out. Basically, the fresh and juicy, the better.

A good storage option is to insert the garlic in oil.

Garlic oil for flavoring food
Peel garlic oil for the production of two garlic bulbs, you divide it into toes and hides them. The skinned toes are then placed in a screw-top jar and filled with a good olive oil.

You can choose whether to add a few peppercorns or small chili peppers. The oil is allowed to stand three or four days, then you can use the flavored oil for salads and dishes.

Garlic in the medicine cabinet
Of course, the use of garlic has with all its healing properties especially in the medicine cabinet to:

Garlic for coughs, colds, hoarseness
Keep at the first sign of a cold a peeled clove of garlic so long in the mouth until it has no more taste; then spit it out and repeat the procedure two more times. The anti-bacterial powers of garlic go into the saliva and can be absorbed there.

Additional funds for colds and flu are the following:

Garlic juice Alternative 1
Mix a pressed clove with 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of honey and take this juice up to five times a day.

Garlic juice Alternative 2
Chop 2 cloves of garlic finely and boil it with 4 tablespoons of honey in 250 ml of water. The juice must then draw 3 h and then should be taken daily with 3 tsp.

Sour garlic paste
Peel, press and mix with 15 ml rice vinegar 3 cloves of garlic. Take at once. Then you should put sweat into bed.

Garlic in bacterial diarrhea
1 head of garlic, peel and cut into toes, along with 3 slices of fresh ginger in ½ liter of water boil. Strain the broth and warm drink in small sips.

The garlic and lemon cure for arteriosclerosis
30 peeled garlic cloves and 5 unpeeled, hot washed off and chopped organic lemons are good chopped in the blender, it might add a little water. This paste with water (total should be used no more than 1 liter of water) was carefully heated to 60-70 ° C. After cooling, nor fill warm in a glass jar and store in the refrigerator. Of this they drink daily a glass of brandy full. The Cure first perform two or three weeks, then pause eight days and connect in turn a two to three week period. This cycle can be repeated once or twice a year.

The garlic smell and - taste is mitigated here by the lemon.

Garlic patch against corns or warts
Place 1 slice a clove of garlic before going to bed on the corn and secure with a bandage, soak overnight. The next morning, take a hot footbath and continue the treatment until peels off the corn.

Garlic sciatica and lumbago
Garlic deployed externally not only corns and warts its salutary effects, but still with further problems. Possible applications include ear infections, rheumatism, sciatica and lumbago, headache, skin lichen and insect bites.

These are used to prepare a slurry of crushed garlic and olive oil and rub with it before going to bed aching digits. Then wrap it with a cloth and left for the scented pad overnight.

When used externally, you should use but remember that garlic may even lead to bubble formation during prolonged contact with skin reactions such as redness, burning. Therefore, dosing the garlic - just as for internal use - sparingly and carefully.

Garlic: A panacea?
The list of all the positive effects of garlic on health makes impressive reading, is not it? However, it is such that the consumption of garlic alone certainly not all diseases outright prevent, let alone can reverse existing disease processes.

If the other dietary or lifestyle leaves to be desired at all corners and ends left, is also such a "Super Tuber" powerless. But from the combination of a healthy lifestyle and regular consumption of garlic resulting synergy effects are certainly not to be underestimated ...

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