Chlorella: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


CHLORELLA: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Chlorella - The Underrated microalgae

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(Health Centre) - What is Chlorella actually exactly and what makes them so special? The answer to these questions, we want to provide you with this article. So much in advance: The microalgae Chlorella is a unique food in all sorts of ways. It also has a unique feature that explains many of their unique positive impact on our health. In addition to their detoxifying property of the chlorella algae supports our body and our brain in almost all respects. Undoubtedly claimed Chlorella deserved reputation of being one of the best dietary supplements at all.

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Chlorella - The microalgae
The name Chlorella derives from the Latin and means something like "small, young green". The best known representatives of Chlorella are freshwater algae Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Chlorella vulgaris. They differ only slightly in the distribution of their nutrients and are therefore almost identical in terms of their effect in the human organism.

Chlorella algae have - in contrast to spirulina and AFA algae - a nucleus which distinguishes them as microalgae.

Chlorella - extremely adaptable and well-researched
When chlorella algae are microscopic tiny and very complex unicellular organisms that are among the most highly developed organisms. Although they are not visible to the naked eye, they have incredible powers that allow them to survive for more than two million years - all changes in their living conditions and all other odds.

This is probably a major reason that the chlorella for science is so interesting that it is now one of the most researched organisms. So it's no surprise that a large number of scientific studies available that demonstrate the myriad health benefits of chlorella algae.

Without pretreatment low benefit
The cell wall of chlorella algae is composed of three rugged layers that can not be digested in this resistant form of the human organism. Therefore, it is important that the cell wall of the Chlorella is gently broken during the manufacturing process. Only in this way the valuable nutrients and vital substances and all other bio-substances they contain can be optimally absorbed by the body. The higher the bioavailability, the extensive benefits from the human consumption of chlorella - and not "only" in respect of its enormous potential detoxifying.

No plant contains more chlorophyll
The deep green color is due to their extremely high chlorophyll content, which previously could be measured at any single other plant still in this concentration, the chlorella. Chlorophyll is also known as the "green blood" of the plants, as it is almost identical to the human blood hemoglobin in its chemical structure. Therefore, there is no better nutrient for our blood than chlorophyll.

In conjunction with organic minerals chlorophyll ensures that our blood is clean, mineral-rich and vital. Only in this ideal condition, the blood can nourish all body tissues and optimally healthy. This fact suggests, has the significant importance chlorophyll for our physical and mental health. In general, the higher the chlorophyll content of a food is, the greater is simultaneously also be health benefits.

Chlorophyll - the liver protection par excellence
The unsurpassed chlorophyll amounts of chlorella are particular to the liver of immense importance, because they protect the liver cells from the countless poisons that enter daily into the body. No matter whether it is loaded with pesticides food to these dental toxins, fungi, environmental toxins or other chemically toxic compounds - Chlorophyll they detoxified all and ensures that they are eliminated as quickly as possible through the intestines. See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6

Acts of chlorophyll chlorella algae
Chlorophyll increases the protection and regeneration ability of each individual cell in the body. In this way, their life extended, so that the aging process is slowed down significantly.

Chlorophyll also reinforces the circulatory system, as well as the digestive system. Due to its strong alkalinity of chlorophyll contributes also to the repair of a balanced acid-base balance. Moreover, the antioxidant powers of chlorophyll protect the body against the effects of free radicals, so that inflammatory processes suppressed and the degenerating cells (cancer) can be counteracted. Also in the gut affects chlorophyll and protects there before cancer by combining with cancer-causing toxins in an insoluble conglomerate that can be excreted in the stool finally. See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 7, 8, 9th

But that's not enough.

Chlorophyll has many other health benefits more on our organism:
It stimulates the production of red blood cells and contributes to blood purification in.
It increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and improves cell respiration.
It activates the metabolism.
It protects the cell membranes from enzymatic destruction of invading bacteria.
It normalizes the secretion of digestive juices.
It supports all healing processes.
It harmonizes and promotes inner peace.
Exclusive in the Chlorella - essences of the highest class
The chlorella algae contains an exceptionally valuable extract, which distinguishes them from all other foods. Chlorella pyrenoidosa contains it in the form of CGF (Controlled Grow Factor) and Chlorella vulgaris as CVE (Chlorella Vulgaris Extract).

This unique nutrient concentrates contain many valuable phytochemicals in highly condensed form and glycoproteins - a complex connection of certain carbohydrates with specific amino acids - which, due to their strong detoxifying effect can support the restoration of health excellent (See the studies at the foot end with the number 10) . Their distinctive high nutritional value Chlorella has largely thanks to these concentrated essences.

The extracts are unique
Our entire body cells are active around the clock, and often they work to total exhaustion. The more stressed you are, the more they need adequate support in energy production, the establishment of new body cells as well as for all repair jobs. CGF and CVE provide this support - in the form of an extremely practical building block principle. Missing due to the overuse blocks (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) can be prepared individually by means of the extracts and targeted. Wherever there is a lack of support - CGF and CVE solve the problem. As in a (general) key-lock principle, this extract blocks fit just about anywhere. For this reason they are in immediate aid for the health of the body is invaluable.

So CGF and CVE act
The highly compressed and extremely bioavailable extracts assist the body and the brain in many ways due to their individual capabilities. They hardly differ from each other in their effect. However, both extracts have their effect areas. When CGF they are more likely to support the child's development (physical and mental) and in rehabilitation after injuries or surgery. The CVE has excelled particularly in excessive stress, for the purpose of detoxification and cancer.

Activate the stimulation of macrophages (phagocytes) and activate T lymphocytes (destroy infected and malignant cells) to strengthen the immune system. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 11,12,13)

You can support the body in the fight against tumors effectively. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 11,12,13)

They contribute to a healthy cell growth. (See the studies at the foot end with the number 15)

They accelerate cell repair, which counteracts the aging process.

Optimize the liver cell function. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 16 and 17)

They protect the liver in toxic load. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 18 and 19)

They stabilize the natural balance of intestinal flora. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 20 and 21)

They improve the memory performance in dementia. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 16 and 17)

CGF and CVE are also available separately as essences. However, it is important to recall that by far the greatest effect of the extracts in combination with the complex nutrients and vital substances diversity of chlorella algae is achieved. Therefore, they should generally be taken in addition as basic food supplement.

Chlorella and her consummate detoxification collective
Chlorella is characterized by an abundance of detoxifying ingredients. In addition to chlorophyll already extensively described the alga contains a unique mix of cytoprotective and detoxifying carotenoids (eg lycopene), glycoproteins (see CGF and CVE), glutathione - a sulfur-containing protein substance - and Sporopollein - a strong detoxifying component of robust Chlorella cell wall. Two other important ingredients are in contrast to the anticipated mentioned still rather unknown. Or have you ever heard of Protectonien and De-Noxilipidnin?

Protectonien and De-Noxilipidnin - two potent detoxifier
Protectonien count as storage proteins to the Phyto-Chela Clementines, which are formed by the chlorella itself. They show a strong antioxidant effect one that contribute to the protection of body cells and for the relief of the immune system. Second, they go one not to be solved associated with heavy metals, which are finally excreted as a complex easily through the intestines. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 22,23,24 and 25) In this way, they make a significant contribution for maintaining a healthy body.

A similar effect has detoxifying substance De-Noxilipidnin. It binds next to heavy metals but also organic toxins in itself and neutralizes them both, so they are not harmful to the organism. (See the study at the foot end with the number 26)

Chlorella as a full food
Up to this point you have as much information on the effect of chlorella algae that it is now time, you almost get the nutritional benefits of this alga. Again, it is clear that truly everyone can benefit health only by taking the chlorella algae as a food supplement.

Chlorella as an excellent source of protein
With about 60 percent Chlorella provides the body with an unusually high amount of high quality, easily digestible proteins. Their biological value is between 75 and 88 percent. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 27 and 28)

This is an outstanding value, since this measure describes how much of the captured protein into body protein converted and is thus made ​​available to the body for all construction and remodeling of its cells, and thus also its organs and tissue.

Chlorella regulates carbohydrate metabolism
The carbohydrates and fats beat quantitatively not very impact. These nutrients are the specifics, however, in detail. Chlorella accelerates the transport of glucose in the liver and in the muscle cells, so that the captured energy is available noticeably faster. (See study 29 at the foot end) This fact is certainly not just for athletes extremely interesting.

In addition, Chlorella optimized not "just" a healthy carbohydrate metabolism, but also significantly improves him when he is already disturbed. In diabetes mellitus, for example, the ingestion of chlorella has been proven well. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 30 and 31)

Chlorella is rich in detoxifying dietary fiber
The cell wall of chlorella contains plenty of fiber, although they are also among the carbohydrates are not digested. Thus they arrive undigested in the intestine and make there health extremely valuable service. They stimulate intestinal activity and ensure a regular bowel movement. The partially high concentration of toxins and other pollutants that are in the intestinal fluid are absorbed by the fiber. You go with these disease-causing substances an inseparable connection, so that they can eventually be excreted together on the chair. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 10, 32 and 33)

The interesting fatty acid spectrum of Chlorella
Chlorella supplies more than 30 fatty acids, which consist of one third of saturated FS, FS unsaturated and polyunsaturated FS. They all contribute to that every body cell remains stable, yet flexible and therefore healthy. The saturated FS the capric and lauric acid are particularly noteworthy because they are able to kill bacteria, viruses and intestinal parasites. (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 34-40)

The oleic acid contained in high quantities - from the area of ​​unsaturated FS - has a preventive effect on various cancers and may also have a preventive effect against stroke and heart attack (See the studies at the foot end with the numbers 41, 42 and 43).

Nutrients in abundance
Also allows for the nutrients Chlorella nothing to be desired. It contains all the water-soluble vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, biotin, vitamin C) and fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) in the natural compound and in the company of many other bioactive plant substances.

In minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium are included as well as the trace elements iron, zinc, manganese, copper and selenium. There is a fresh water algae Chlorella when it is nearly iodine-free. This can be especially for people who suffer from an overactive thyroid , be important.

Recommendation on Chlorella -Einnahme
The chlorella algae is bottled as a powder, in compressed form as tablets or capsules available.

A relatively healthy person should be approximately 3 - take 4 grams of Chlorella to be. 10 g (or more) - an increased need a daily intake of about 5 is recommended. For sensitive people, it is advisable to first with an amount of about 2 - to 3 g start, then slowly increase the intake to the required daily amount. Distribute the total revenue amount to two or three times. So you can distribute to your three main meals, for example, in the morning for breakfast and in the evening for dinner each take a half to one-third or the amount.

Important: Do not forget about the day to drink at least two liters of still water, so that the valuable nutrients and vital substances are the body quickly available and the neutralized or bound toxins can also leave just as quickly your body.

Chlorella is unique
Chlorine Ellas exceptional health value lies in the fact that their countless and sometimes unique ingredients work synergistically. This means that they complement each other so perfectly that their potencies potentiate total. Thus, the effect of each individual component is many times higher than the sum of all the individual components together.

Chlorella provides you with all the nutrients and vital substances, each cell has a strong anti-oxidant protection whilst reducing the toxic load in your body. It thus meets all the conditions for the restoration of a really good health.

So there are plenty of plausible reasons that you should not do without your daily dose of green life force in the form of wonderful chlorella algae:-)

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