Chlorella: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


CHLORELLA: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Drainage and detoxification agent

As a basis for a natural method for Exiting a unicellular green microalga has proven particularly useful: Chlorella. The freshwater alga Chlorella is a plant and has the record and the binding of pollutants particularly excellent skills. It is the organism with the greatest heavy metal binding capacity, but also binds solvents, pesticides and other toxins.

In the digestive tract are in dividend toxins are bound there by Chlorella and excreted in the stool together with indigestible portions of the algae from the body. The enterohepatic circulation is interrupted by that is it does not come to a reabsorption of about liver and bile excreted pollutants from the gut to the liver and into the body.
For the binding of toxins especially heavy metals, the multilayered cell wall of algae is mainly responsible in particular the dividend itself are in here sporopollenin (8). The ability of chlorophyll to complexation of metals is also of importance (2).
Specific substances of algae that are not yet identified in detail, can be absorbed through the intestine and penetrate the human tissue, absorb toxins and from there to the excretion of the transport body (2).

In environmental adsorption capacity of chlorella algae for toxic metals has been extensively studied and is well documented (3, 4, 5).
The detoxifying effect of chlorella could be demonstrated impressively by the example of cadmium. In the treatment of Itai-Itai disease with chlorella was a 3 to 7-fold acceleration of fecal and renal excretion of cadmium reached (6). By the addition of 10% chlorella to feed an acceleration of the fecal excretion of dioxins has been shown (7) in rats. A similar effect was obtained at chlordecone poisoned rats (8). In a study of patients could be shown that mercury is excreted by Chlorella propagated through the intestine (12).

But Chlorella is a natural food supplement in many essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals are present in high concentration. This is also favorable for the support of the body during stressful detoxification phases.

Chlorella consists of up to 60% vegetable protein, which in a balanced way all proteinogenic amino acids covering with its amino acid profile, including all 10 of the people essential as known amino acids that must be obtained from food. The fats contained account for about 8-15% of the dry matter and consist of about 80% of unsaturated fatty acids. Linolenic acid with about 30% represents the major share represents.
Among the many nutrients especially the high chlorophyll content of up to 4% is highlight, the highest content of all known plants.

Chlorophyll has a task in the binding of heavy metals and toxins. The porphyrins in chlorophyll z. B. have their own strong metal binding capacity.
Extraordinarily high is the level of vitamin B12, which is necessary for blood formation, as. well as the function of the nervous system This is especially for vegetarians important because vitamin B12 is mainly found only in meat, fish and milk.
Very high is the content of beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, which is especially necessary for vision. Vitamin A is also important for the healthy maintenance of our skin and mucous membranes as well as for the growth of the entire body. Beta-carotene is trap as a powerful antioxidant capable of free radicals. Iron is essential for the formation of blood and transportation of oxygen in the tissues for energy.
With the capture of 12 pellets (approximately 3 g) Chlorella pyrenoidosa per day as a dietary supplement are 240% of the recommended intake of vitamin B12,
at 91% of requirements Vitamin A and 17% of the recommended daily allowance of iron covered.
The need for Chlorella at a drainage therapy is determined in the best case individually for the patient, eg through the Testing using kinesiology.

If this is not possible, recommends Dr. med. Joachim Mother (2 ) the following procedure: Start with 2 - day 16 pellets) Chlorella and increases the amount of income to the tolerability dose, which is then maintained for a week - 4 g (8. The amount distributed to the most two or more servings per day, which should be taken preferably 30 minutes before a meal with plenty of fluids. On 9 and 10 days is increased to ten times the original dose tolerability. On 11 and 12 days is taking a break. Then, it resumes the original lowest tolerated dose and continues in the above scheme.
, the so-called Chlorella paradox states that ten times the dose is often better tolerated because, although not more mercury is mobilized from the tissue than with the lower dose, but but more mercury can be bound and discharged.

There are different types of chlorella, which are used for the rejection. The type Chlorella pyrenoidosa mainly used has the better ability of adsorption of toxins.
Chlorella vulgaris is easier to digest due to their cell wall structure and their lower protein content and is therefore better tolerated by people with digestive problems.

Chlorella and Spirulina for detoxifying

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(Health Centre) - The microalgae Chlorella and Spirulina can excellent help to bind the daily acting on our body toxins from the environment, food, water, air, clothing, furniture, toiletries etc. in a simple manner and excrete.

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No (general) day without poison
Toxins, chemicals and pollutants are for most people now commonplace. In very few cases, the toxins are consciously perceived. Although they are involuntary, but automatically eaten with meals, inhaled with the air, drink the water and absorbed through the skin. You are everywhere and no one escapes them.

Although the personal pollution can be reduced by organic food, safe dental fillings, natural body care products, etc. preferred. Nevertheless, the last decades of the industrial age have left their indelible marks for the time being, so that every one must reckon with a certain residual stress.

To prevent rather than treat
Often the pollutants in the tissues accumulate. Which may be in the connective tissue in the brain, or in bone. The consequences can be seen only after many years in the form of diseases or puzzling symptoms such as headaches, digestive problems, allergies, skin irritations, joint pain or chronic fatigue.

To prevent a poison enrichment, it is worthwhile to regularly ensure the elimination of the recorded daily toxins. There are already many natural products that neutralize toxins and chemicals or can drain out for this purpose. Two of them are single-celled freshwater algae Chlorella and Spirulina .

Chlorella and Spirulina - two prehistoric microalgae
These two tiny algae for billions of years been living on our planet. The man was so not even close in planning, as chlorella and spirulina algae already massively populated the primeval lakes.

You have a natural ability to bind toxins such as heavy metals per se, so that they can be excreted quickly and easily through the intestines. For this reason, they belong to the group of so-called. chelating agent , which means that they form with the heavy metals easily be excreted complexes .

Spirulina detoxifies people, but also sewage
Spirulina is supposed to be, according to some sources even able to remove addition to mercury, radioactive substances from the body. If this alga used in heavy metal contaminated waste water, they can get rid of this cadmium and lead.

Spirulina - revered by the Aztecs
The Aztecs in ancient Mexico worshiped the spirulina algae . However, they used them less for internal detoxification, but rather to strengthen the body. And so Spirulina detoxifies not only, but also delivers quite incidentally a mega dose of essential amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, carotenes, minerals and trace elements. Spirulina was already so many hundred years ago a popular dietary supplement highly developed cultures.

Today, however, we rely more than ever on the tiny algae - a hand to us to get rid of all the toxins and industry to create the other hand, all the usual vital-poor foods a meaty compensation.

Chlorella - binds toxins and purifies blood
While some detoxifying agents (eg. B. coriander ) mobilize the body enriched in pollutants from the cells and thus can be released from the tissue, suitable Chlorella quite outstanding to the now free toxins (especially metals) to retain and auszuleiten. This Chlorella acts like spirulina, but their absorption power even more.

In addition to specific proteins and peptides (short-chain proteins ), which are responsible for the detoxifying function of chlorella, microalgae contains enormous amounts of chlorophyll .

Chlorophyll is that dye which stains green algae and plants. He turns green, as well as hemoglobin our blood red. Both dyes are closely related and differ only in a few details. For this reason, chlorophyll is considered as a powerful blood purifier and blood stimulants.

While it may be the detoxification of heavy metals support. But just like Spirulina Chlorella is also an inexhaustible source of valuable and energizing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids and, therefore, provides the human body quality material for healing and regeneration processes of all kinds.

Chlorella and Spirulina appropriate doses
To detoxify the body of heavy metals, Chlorella and Spirulina can be taken in high doses. So they flood particularly effective many toxins from the body. The side effects that usually occur frequently in detoxification can be mitigated by the freshwater microalgae.

The often recommended dose of chlorella and spirulina for heavy metal detoxification is between 20 and 30 grams per day. Both drugs can be taken together. Should be started, however, with an intake of 500 milligrams, so 0.5 grams per day. Over time, this dose is increased gradually, so the body can get used to leisure in the action.

After a completed detoxification, the dose should be slowly reduced to 3 to 6 grams per day. If it is not a concrete heavy metal detoxification such as after removal of amalgam dental fillings containing, then lower doses may be taken for the continuous detoxification.

Look for quality
Just by the slope, heavy metals and other toxins to bind to itself, can chlorella and spirulina , when they come from suitable exposed waters be contaminated with heavy metals before they enter the body and thus still contribute to its toxicity.

Buyer of Chlorella and Spirulina, you should be careful, therefore, essential that the manufacturer of the purity and optimum quality of microalgae can guarantee. The algae pellets should be free of fillers and other additives, as they can set the detoxifying effect of algae unnecessarily down only.

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