Chlorella: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


CHLORELLA: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

I officially declare that my addiction to coconut butter has been replaced with a new addiction.
Celle contained glass.

Their tastes are light years away from each other.
And, to be honest, my new addiction is no nirvana to my taste buds.

But ... Then ... Why? Why?
Because my new addiction has such potential, such wealth is such a treasure in itself, I came to accept his little characteristic taste, and not really yummy .

And then.
Ultimately, the Woman-Fairy I am has created a certain magic about this new addiction.
, we shall see at the end, I managed to create associations, culinary tips, and invent little recipes where it fits perfectly.

It was close to my heart shape and tame gustatorily this wonderful powder emerald before sharing it with you all.
That is fact.

From the very first day I took it, I knew she would be part of my habits for a long time.
This small powder have been with me every day for many months.
And I hope that it will inspire you too.
This wonderful chlorella.


Chlorella (Chlorella or) is a freshwater alga microscopic, as are its cousins ​​spirulina or Klamath (algae found fresh or dried flakes in organic stores are algae water sea, thus containing iodine & sodium).

His name? "Chlorella pyrenoidosa" or "Chlorella vulgaris" .
This is not very sexy, we agree.

In 1890 a Dutch biologist (Beyerinck) was discovered. Since chlorella has been the subject of numerous studies worldwide, and continues to study it to this day.
All scientists agree on one point: Chlorella is great in its composition nutritional (biochemical ) and composition morphology .

Morphological and nutritional information
Riches of chlorella are (really) very numerous.
Among them, there are three that stand out particula t.
Besides, chlorella is the only food in the world to hold two of them.
Absolutely no other food in the world contains them.


First wealth: its morphological shape
composed of a single cell, chlorella is round like a ball: its spherical shape is the same size as our red blood cells.

Apart from very few cells (including red blood cells), each cell on our beautiful planet Earth consists of a core and a shell (also called "membrane").

Ronde. Small. So far, nothing extraordinary.

Where it becomes extraordinary ...
The shell of the Chlorella consists of indigestible fibers (including cellulose).
Yet our body can not digest fiber of his shell: it is going to remove them (for saddles).
And ... This is the envelope that attracts toxins .
Envelope Chlorella has a great affinity biochemical (physical) with toxins and heavy metals: she draws her like a magnet, and captures (chelate).
Like a mother duck who called her little ducklings, she calls her all the toxins lurking in its vicinity.

Various tests have shown that taking chlorella in a detoxifying goal would be more effective if accompanied this decision with a consumption of cilantro, and garlic:
- the coriander dislodge mercury housed inside our cells, but would not have the ability to send it out of our body (chlorella here takes over, by discharging via our stools).
- the garlic , in addition to its own detoxifying functions, in particular contain elements that would protect our red blood cells and white I'oxydation that can cause metal dislodged during the cure to be found in our bloodstream.


Chlorella is known and recognized especially for his reputation detoxifying . Merely this feature alone is limited , because its properties & its riches are far from stopping there. Sometimes, taking chlorella may awaken more side effects or less intense (pimples, headaches, nausea ...). These side effects (sometimes called "healing crisis") must never appear more than a few days (average 3-5), and should not be confused with a call for help in our body that does not have the resources, energy and the need to "evacuate" all these toxins. vitality us visualize our body as if it were a beautiful cave of treasures that would be covered in some places with a thin layer of dust (toxins). If a hurricane wakes (taking chlorella), but that all exit doors (our emunctories) remain closed, open or bad, our little body of toxins that will clutter, awakened, will create a perfect storm of dust (the side effects often confused with healing crises). If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for support from your Naturopath (or therapist working with chlorella).

2nd wealth Chlorophyll
Chlorophyll is a green pigment .
plants use to synthesize (transform) sunlight energy: the principle of photosynthesis .

Let's stop here for a moment.
Just reread the last sentence with a look brand new.
"Transforming the light from the sun into energy . "
without which this process takes place every day, all over the surface of the Earth, the way to operate.
But when I take the time to think about it ... Turn the light into energy. I know that this is a molecular process established, but I can not help but find it great.

Ok, this little aside (of love of nature) is, let us return to our chlorophyll.

The molecular structure of chlorophyll looks a lot like our blood (hemoglobin to be exact), their only difference being their central atom:
- that of chlorophyll is an atom of magnesium : this is what gives the green color plant
- one of our hemoglobin is an atom of iron : this is what gives the red color to our blood

Studies show that when we consume chlorophyll, producing our hemoglobin increases .
Yet a greater amount of hemoglobin in our bloodstream allows better irrigate all our small cell oxygen : the first & the largest element for proper operation.

The benefits of chlorophyll does not stop there.
Chlorophyll also allows:
- to help our body in the process of healing (by stimulating the regeneration of our damaged cells)
- help to maintain and to correct our balance Acid-base
- also helps clean up our gut flora

And ... Do you know what the source is the world's richest chlorophyll?
You guessed it: the chlorella.
powder Our pretty emerald.

Chlorophyll is beneficial to all. At all ages, both sexes and regardless of our lifestyle, we each gain to increase its intake of chlorophyll .
chlorella as the source in the world that contains the most, take a small portion at a rate that suits us (daily or 2-3 times a week), is a simple way for everyone to contribute to our little body this precious substance.

3rd wealth CGF (growth factor)
The CGF is a complex of vitamins, amino acids, and nucleic acids .
Nucleic acids play an important role in the lives of our cells, because they act on:
- the development of our cells
- their renewal when the oldest die
- and repair . all our damaged cells
In other words, the nucleic acids are real little handymen who help and support all the cells composing the fabulous ecosystem that is our body.

Our body naturally contains nucleic acids, but their quantity decreases with age.
stress, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle (food & physical) are also factors that decrease our supply of nucleic acids (they force our body to draw in more to offset the loss caused by these factors).

However, as the CGF contains nucleic acids, it provides valuable assistance to our body in all its production roles, development, renewal, and cellular repair .
And in doing so, the CGF promotes our natural defenses, and accelerates healing.

Chlorella is the only superfood in the world with this factor.

It would also have a prebiotic effect (leading to increased lactobacilli, Healthy gut flora bacteria).


Like all algae, chlorella contains a lot of protein: it is composed of more than two-thirds of protein .
Moreover, 8 Essential Amino Acids are present : so it's a complete protein source.

Protein foods (animal or plant), are not uncommon.
So ... One might ask what proteins chlorella have outstanding?

Wonderful & fabulous, chlorella still holds a little surprise.
chlorella proteins are directly assimilated by the body, unlike protein (animal or plant) to be digested before it can be used.

Thus, by its exceptional protein, chlorella is useful for vegetarians, vegans, athletes, growing children, and all convalescents (whose bodies are sometimes weak, less energy to digest), and Persons wishing to consume less animal products (for reasons of health or ecological), and afraid of being deficient.

In other words: the near majority of the population .

Consume chlorella makes sure our body a supply of quality protein, high & easily absorbed , requiring no effort digestion our bodies. It allows our body to save precious energy (that of digestion) that can be used for other functions.

Fatty acids
fatty acid side, chlorella contains about 10% .
And their quality is waiting for you: the majority of its fatty acids are essential fatty acids . (AGE)
(You can read about them information on my article Hemp here ).

Many studies have been conducted around the vitamin B12 and chlorella: review have long diverged. Some argued that chlorella contains vitamin B12, and others argued the opposite.
Both are right.
Like spirulina, chlorella contains a substance that resembles vitamin B12 (and fake blood levels), but who is not. Chlorella is not a reliable source of vitamin B12 (3 microalgae, only the Klamath contains vitamin B12 absorbed by our body).

Differences with spirulina?
The Spirulina is a blue green phytoplankton spiral of the class Cyanophyceae.
She appeared on Earth there are about 3.5 billion years.
's Chlorella microalgae is spherical, the class Chlorophyceae.
She appeared on Earth there are about 3 billion years.

chlorella, spirulina

Although most abundant in Spirulina , vitamins are also well represented in Chlorella.
Vitamins B group there are prominent, with some small variations in the levels of microalgae to another.
can report the presence , modest, of vitamin C in Chlorella and its absence in Spirulina .

Minerals and trace elements
Spirulina and Chlorella both contain minerals and trace elements essential for our body: iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium ...
♦ The Spirulina contains more than twice more calcium than chlorella.
♦ Spirulina and chlorella both contain a lot of iron . They are also popular for this because their iron is better absorbed than that contained in plants.
's chlorella contains 2 times more iron than Spirulina (133 mg against 58 mg for spirulina).
anemic Those choosing the One of these two algae for their iron intake absolutely must eat at the same time an available source of vitamin C (such as powdered baobab , for example, or acerola).
♦ As these are freshwater algae, they are free of iodine and the level of sodium is almost zero: you can eat them without problem if a regime whose salt intake is followed must be controlled.

The Spirulina contains more protein (68%) than chlorella (55%).
their protein quality is similar: both are highly digestible and contain all 8 Essential Amino Acids.

The chlorella contains four times more chlorophyll than spirulina.
As we have seen, this is one of its main assets.

Spirulina & Chlorella are both rich in vegetable fibers, but chlorella which contains more .

Essential Fatty Acids
Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are essential for the proper functioning of the body, as we have seen .
Spirulina contains 1% omega 3, while chlorella contains just under 0.4% . 0.7%
This amount is far too small to be the only daily intake of EFAs, of course: they can be seen as small additional "assets".

SOD (superoxide dismutase)
superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an enzyme that plays an important role in the defense system against free radicals: it is a kind of "superwomen" who fight against free radicals .
's Spirulina contains more that chlorella.

Beta carotene (and other antioxidants)
Although both microalgae are excellent sources of antioxidants (carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin ...), spirulina contains almost 5 times more beta-carotene than chlorella .
Individuals with fragile liver and / or overloaded must limit a highly concentrated decision-carotene (urucum, spirulina, carrot juice) over the long term (more than 6 months).
With this in mind (and in this respect only), chlorella is more appropriate.

TCM / energy
in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chlorella is associated with the water element which is itself connected:
- the season of winter
- our kidneys & our bladder
- and contemporary cuisine Salt
Water element is also linked to our emotions and our ancestors , our roots .

We have seen, chlorella has powerful properties detoxifying .
Yet its power detoxification can also act outside of our physical, and have a impact on our other plans , including emotional and even transgenerational .
Chlorella can be valuable help during a personal development work aimed at:
- to break a repetitive pattern anchored for several years (sometimes even within the trans)
- digging up buried in the unconscious emotions

Chlorella should never, ever be taken without one is done preliminary work on our physical plane. Our physical plane can be represented as a foundation. And a solid foundation is required to dig and search our other plans. Without this solid foundation, the effects of taking chlorella can be very violent.
When chlorella is taken as part of a personal development work, it should never be taken alone: ​​it must be seen as a tool , a assistance as part of an overall process of development and personal work.
& Support accompanying a Naturopath will be valuable in this work.

In TCM, 3 microalgae Chlorella is considered the least cooling , the most invigorating , and that is the action most gentle cleansing : it will therefore be preferred it that for "slender" profiles.

To summarize, chlorella has many properties:
♦ it is a valuable ally in cures detoxifying
♦ improve our transit (reduces bloating & fight against constipation)
♦ benefits the ecosystem, and the balance of our intestinal flora (thanks to its high chlorophyll).
Our intestinal flora with very many roles (immune, hormonal, nutrient assimilation ...), this is probably the most important of all.
♦ is alkalizing and therefore helps to fight against acidification of our body
♦ beneficial for the health of our appendages
♦ is a valuable aid for glycemic imbalances
♦ provides help in the fight against fatigue
♦ has properties anti-inflammatory
♦ helps fight against fungi (Candida ... )
♦ may be part of a process of personal development box to act on various levels (emotional, energy, trans)

Why it is part of my daily rituals
Through its many properties, it provides a broad tropism profits that easily responds to any type of profile.
I honestly think this is one of the superfoods that everyone would benefit from adopting.
Where the consumption of each will differ is in rhythm, and the dose taken.
So everyone can find assets that are in its interest to him, and that may be totally different from one person to another.


As I said at the beginning of the article, I have fully embraced the chlorella, and have integrated it into my daily life.
Personally, I like to take chlorella because:
♦ it helps me regulate my transit with great gentleness.
Historically, I have long suffered from constipation, and despite all that I could put in place to address this, even if it had greatly improved over time, my transit was often lazy.
But not anymore. With my little chlorella, my transit is regular, quality, and not least: with sensitive intestines, chlorella brings me comfort & a pretty incredible gentleness given its effectiveness .
♦ a small contribution of vegetable protein highly equivalent & non acidifying .
Though my protein intake is adequate, protein quality chlorella is such that I like to bring my little body "proteins emerald" (read: high quality). I see it a bit like giving a small gift to my body , to do him good, to do me good.
♦ if you follow me for some time, you may know that I grew up abroad , far away from our sweet France (and Europe). I just received a phenomenal amount of vaccines until I was 14. Chlorella helped me a lot at the beginning, I get rid of heavy metals contained in the vaccine (an interesting book on the subject here ).
Oh. Did you know that the tattoos use pigments containing (in minute quantities, of course), heavy metals? I imagine that chlorella has also helped me to remove those (pretty ornaments actually hiding on my skin ...)
♦ Having a "lanky" profile , it is more appropriate to me that his two other cousins ​​(and spirulina Klamath).

How much to take? How dose?
Several factors affect the dose that is best suited to each of us: our weight, age, sex, and our health, our eating habits, and potential diseases or imbalances.

Here are some keys to help you consume chlorella:
♦ For an adult, a normal daily dose of about 1-3 grams .
Under given conditions (diseases, cures ...), the recommended dose is up to 10 grams . daily
♦ When taking chlorella for the first time, you must set up a system of "level" : the first 3 days, we will take a quarter of the total dose required, and then gradually increase . Example: we want to consume 3 grams of chlorella per day. The first 3 days, it will take a little less than a gram of chlorella (taking tablets is easier to dose). Dose after the 4th day we increase to 1.5 grams, and then on. ♦ Better to spread the chlorella intake throughout the day and avoid taking it in a single socket ( unlike that spirulina can be taken all at once), especially for sensitive intestines. ♦ Consider introduce "therapeutic window "so that our body does not get used (and not resting) at its outlet . thus can stop one day a week, or two days every 2 weeks (normally resumed the following day, without starting the protocol level). ♦ To assist, support & renew the liver, it should be taken for 1 year at least, with a low dosage. ♦ Pregnant or nursing women should not consume chlorella .

I hope that these keys will help you find your stride with this beautiful emerald powder.
Keep in mind that consumption of chlorella (like any other superfood) can not and should not substitute for not balanced diet.
It can be a great help to boost our intake of nutrients as part of a balanced diet already. On a healthy "field", and already balanced, our body is more receptive to his wealth.
It is more interesting, and even advisable to take the superfood supplement a good lifestyle : a synergy between the two set up, and profits are just superior.


Forget the taste of chocolate, cocoa butter or other gustatory delights.
His taste is not great, for sure, but it is not repugnant.
Anyway, as s' granted immediately: chlorella, we do not take a look for gustatory ecstasy (think coconut butter Or why at. raw chocolate is not too bad).

But, as you only have to take very little to enjoy its benefits, it is easy to integrate into a large number of preparations , without altering their taste .
This is roughly practice.
It colors a pretty green everything it touches (with the amount of chlorophyll in it, it's normal).

It mixes well with all dishes, sweet and savory .
Here are some ideas:
♦ juice mixed with apple, pear or kiwi (have you ever tried This is absolutely delicious?)
♦ Built in a sauce a dish of pasta , from rice or potatoes . We can go on base légumaise , or simply with a bit of oilseed puree mixed with water (1T 30 ml liquid)
♦ perfect in the house dressings : a little oil, vinegar cider, a touch of mustard, what season, and presto!
♦ she's great in all spreads (dip) to tofu , the algae , the legumes , the guacamole , made ​​with vegetables ...
♦ one can imagine many other ideas, the trick is to never cook and / or heat to safeguard its valuable properties, and its many nutrients.

Where to?
Chlorella exists as a powder , or tablets .

Chlorella is quite expensive to buy, it is a reality.
Another reality as it should consume very little (1-3 grams per day), the lifetime of a packet is very long. A daily intake of chlorella returns averaged 4.5 € per month. Given the wealth it contains benefits and properties it gives us, I think this investment has actually a very reasonable price.

Edit the November 25, 2013
After several tests (taste), Research & inquiries of different brands & manufacturers (request for access to the specification, sourcing, process transformation / drying ...), here are some brands distributing chlorella .
took me a little heart (♥) next to the ones I prefer in taste & the quality (+ sourcing manufacturing) appears to me to be optimal:
- Sol Semilla (♥♥) the package offers 80 gr as well as tablets.
since October 2013, Sol offers Semilla chlorella of French origin . one of the few brands to offer (! taste and level ... the difference is huge)
- Keimling (♥) offers the tablets (originally from China)
- Nutrinaturel proposes several brands (various sources)
- Green Flamingo (origin: Germany)

The benefits of Chlorella are very often seen immediately on the functioning of the intestine. well be provided by The Chlorella is due to its ability to cleanse the body (it is detoxifying agent said), its ability to stimulate natural defenses and stabilize the metabolic processes of the body.

Side Effects of Chlorella early decision
The side effects mentioned below are the causes effects of genes or disorders. 1-Chlorella will quickly stimulate intestinal activity . Therefore it is possible to feel, early decision, a disorder with possible bloating . For most new users, these effects are mild and well tolerated. they disappear after a few days. however: * for some people transit can increase uncomfortable. It is therefore necessary to reduce the dose or even stop taking Chlorella for a few days. When everything returns to normal, back with even lower doses and increase very gradually. * in some rare cases, transit can be slowed. It is then necessary to rapidly increase the dose and drink plenty (of water). 2-Although they are rare, other possible side effects can be felt in the first catch. Effects seen most frequently cited are; headache, sinusitis, joint pain, depressed mood, dizziness, tremors To remove them as soon as possible (maximum a few days), it is recommended to rapidly increase the dose to increase the speed of disposal of toxic products that Chlorella has been dislodged. (*). Side effects observed may be due to the start of the detoxification process. They can be different from one person to another in nature and intensity, depending on the type of pollution and levels of intoxication .

They cover a small proportion of people (about 10%). Side effects of early decision Chlorella should disappear quickly when doses are increased. From the article (): "if taking Chlorella revealed symptoms that may be associated with heavy metals such as headache, depressed mood, pain in the limbs, numbness, dizziness tremors, etc must increase the dose of Chlorella until symptoms (up from 15 to 30 tablets 4 times in a day, repeated at intervals of 8 to 10 days. Then gradually reduce the doses and intervals until a normal daily intake. " Explanation given: the rapid increase in the amount of Chlorella will accelerate the removal of toxic products it caused the "recirculation" and thus reduce the associated symptoms. () Article Michel Dogna Journal of Nurse you N ° 26 'slow heavy metal Death' (Publisher: Co Health Port Royal (publisher of journals "What health", "Plants & health, "Principles of Health" and "Health Practices") Background: On first use it should start with one to three tablet (s) daily and gradually increase to the desired dose. average to 10 15 tablets a day in 8 to 10 days.

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