Wheatgrass: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


WHEATGRASS: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Natural remedy for anemia, rheumatism and for cell renewal: wheat grass juice

Wheatgrass juice is one of the oldest remedies known to mankind. Celtic Druids put it as well as a Native American shaman, Chinese healers or doctors priest of the Essenes. With the advent of modern medicine, he came for a long time forgotten. Until it was rediscovered by an American doctor. The Herborist Can Reborn From Death -
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In June 1940, Dr. Benjamin Gruskin published in the "Journal of Surgery" his report on a series of studies that involved 1,200 people. The clinical pictures ranging from infections of the oral mucosa gastritis to skin diseases. Dr. Gruskin reported that he had wheat grass juice used successfully for over a hundred diseases and ailments. For example be wounds that were treated with wheat grass, healed in three quarters of the normal time.

But it should be another forty years before the age-old knowledge of the power of wheatgrass juice finally awoke from its slumber. And the prince was a princess in this case. More precisely, a theologian and scientist who had cancer. Dr. Ann Wigmore, who is considered the mother of wheat grass juice therapy today, since early childhood knew about the effectiveness of plants and herbs. Together with her grandmother treated her during the first world war, many patients successfully with natural remedies. When she, decades later, suffering from cancer, she thought of the natural methods that set out to enable the self-healing powers of the body. After her recovery she founded in 1963 together with other doctors and scientists the "Hippocrates Health Institute" in Boston. Here they developed the doctrine of the "Living Foods", the "living foods", and laid the foundation for the renewed triumph of wheat grass juice. Now other scientists, such as Dr. Earp Thomas of the Bloomfield Laboratory in New Jersey began to deal with the versatile juice. Dr. Thomas analyzed the ingredients of wheat grass juice and came to surprising results: Wheat grass juice contains almost as much calcium as milk, five times as much iron as spinach. While not allow vitamin C and carotene in wheat grain prove they can be found in the juice in high doses. These vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and important for the formation of blood vitamin B 12 come you are dosed six times as high as in the juice in the grain. Finally, there is wheat grass juice to 70 percent of chlorophyll, which is assumed that there is an important role in the absorption of nutrients through our blood spielt.Seit end of last year, Finnish wheat grass juice in capsule form in German pharmacies ("FinnBio").

Book Recommendation: "Wheat Grass - Healing from the juice" by Wolf-Dieter Daegling, Heyne Verlag, DM 5, -.

Already in the times of Atlantis prophesied one that a distant generation will recognize the true medicinal value of wheat grass juice to preserve a threatened civilization from destruction. The green plant is blood in the future (and it is already in the present!) The medicine for people suffering from radiation damage, civilization diseases, blood diseases, infertility, immune deficiency and environmental pollutant loads to be.

Each animal in nature, whether carnivore or vegetarian, fasting and feeds exclusively on diseases of grass. Even small children fast when they are allowed. This is a natural process - the body saves energy for a cure. Wheatgrass needed to digest only about 5% energy. Fruit compared to about 10%; Vegetable approximately 30% meat and about 70%. Of the over 4700 known species of grass that we know, not only is toxic to humans. Already in ancient China was taken in spring wheat grass as a tonic and blood purifier. Dr. Earp Thomas of the Bloomfield laboratory in New Jersey isolated from the fresh wheat grass about a hundred fabrics, including all known minerals in higher concentrations than in the seed itself. A deciliter (100 ml) Wheat grass juice contains the amount of nutrients in the 2 Kg vegetables are included!

Small sample Compliant: Vitamin B1: 30 x as much as in milk;? Vitamin C: 60 x as much as in oranges; Vitamin E: 50 x as much as in spinach; Calcium: 11x as much as 100 ml in raw milk; Magnesium: 5 x as much as in bananas; Iron: 5 x as much as in spinach ...) wheatgrass repaired the DNS as the only food. Therefore, the intake is especially advantageous and recommended by X-ray irradiation. By wheat grass is lower by 25% healing time of wounds is necessary !!! Enzymes, the catalysts (and biophotons) of body chemistry, are freshly squeezed wheat grass, contained as abundant as in any other food. DNA molecules contain the genetic code is well known. Damage they suffer by chemical poisons, gases, biocides, drugs, X-ray and nuclear radiation (also and especially by low-level radiation supposedly safe nuclear power plants), stress, immune deficiency, disease or insufficient supply of enzymes. In the past, the science did not know a single means of stimulating the DNA repair system, to Dr. Kubota in Japan, the enzyme P4 D1 isolated in wheatgrass. Grass enzymes cause so the structure of the damaged DNA by X-rays. They reduce cell-damaging effects of radioactive radiation, slow the aging process, stabilize the immune system, helping prevent cancer happening.

A report by T. Kubis the author of the book "The Human Nutrition - About myths, research and reality"

Healthy juice enhances virility

Augsburg (wka) It purifies the blood, lowers blood pressure, regulates the function of the thyroid and is used to relieve many internal diseases. Diarrhea or constipation can be cured it. But not enough, because wheat grass juice helps humans and animals: cows live longer, and bulls he strengthens the power of procreation.

The realization that wheat grass juice is healthy is ancient, the scientific evidence later. As part of a trend wave this knowledge now comes from the USA to England and to us. Meanwhile, this juice that is obtained during extrusion of wheat grass, "Golden Goose" offered in Augsburg guest house and like to drink.

Where the juice is also the appropriate grass needs to be. To be delivered weekly for six to eight climbing with wheat grass in Augsburg Univiertel for some time from the nursery of the training work in the conveying mechanism St. Elizabeth.

For gardeners champion Stefan Gumpinger this is an interesting job, because in Berufsbildungswerk always being taken to ensure a close link with the customer, so that trainees know what is happening with their products and see what their work is good. Especially as the "Golden Goose" has long been a customer of the nursery in the vocational training center is: as preferably vegetarian restaurant takes a lot of vegetables and salad, not only wheat grass juice.

When the body is acidic ...

Despite worldwide research at all levels of the medicine is the question of when our organism where acidic or basic on the contrary, is, or must be, to a) not) to get sick or b healthy again, only partially clarified. But - even though they contradict the researchers partially, but can clear insights are gained and the doctor is able to explain misunderstandings and to draw the right conclusions from the present disease.

In summary, one could after studying the literature of Prof. Dr. Enderlein, a pioneer in the exploration of the internal environment of man, say that all diseases are caused by a single cause, or at least by the correction of an important pathogenic (or just the disease reflecting) condition could be fixed: it is the acidity.

So sour is not as funny as the popular saying. Maybe so, the viewer of the violently distorted by the sour taste of food features a fellow human being meant who has bitten into a lemon. The acid-induced distortion of the face multiplied certainly not the happy hormones.

Note: "acid" is for the body to define an alarm signal. The blood is rather slightly alkaline, and the buffering capacity of the blood, can be neutralized with the excess acids, limited. Acids are formed already enough in the body, so that the intake should be as low as possible. Below you can learn more about it.

The test can be an indication that the organism "too acidic" is. But do not decide the taste about the real acid effects of a substance / food / liquid, but the chemical composition. Depending on the components that make up the food acids or bases are formed in the fabric "change". And that has a fateful importance for our health and life expectancy.

Where consumption takes place under oxygen metabolism, where the energy is provided from the nutrients that the cells need to live in the cells themselves, namely, there is more of an acidic environment. In the blood is called the pH, the dissolved potentiated number of hydrogen atoms, more alkaline, about 7.4. Even slight upward fluctuations (in the alkaline) or down (in the acidic range) can cause disease.

The respective pH is always only a snapshot and usually does not capture the hidden acids. Also it is absolutely no insight into the ability of the body to buffer the acid.

Note: be the bases, the buffer capacity of the blood, not detected with the measurement of the "pH".

The possibility of relatively easy to obtain by pH measurement of urine a measurement of metabolism, has for many years meant that was uncritically closed on the accuracy of the therapy or the food. Many people today depend on the results of paper test strips (litmus paper with color comparison scale) from their lives. But this can lead to false interpretations. Acids can be "hidden" from the body in various chemical compounds.

Two examples will make the graphic:

1 The apparent "alkalosis" of the body, measured in urine basic values ​​that can be caused by a lack of potassium, but an extreme acidification of the cells means inside is caused by the fact that so-called Kaliumteilchen. Potassium ions (in the cells 40 times more than present outside) are lacking in the cells can be replaced by a similar behaving electrically hydrogen ions. These result in the pH measurement to the incorrect readings: The blood is very, if not too alkaline, the urine after a certain time as well. So in this case, to measure basic urine. After administration of potassium through food or as a tablet, the urine becomes acidic again. If the food and the previous state are not taken into account, one can start with a urine reading anything. It is better then on, throughout the day to take six urine samples and to relate to each other. From the trajectory specialized laboratories can make certain indications whose interpretation in turn requires expertise and experience.

Second morning, take a tablespoon of "Kaisernatron". If the urine is not alkaline within the next 3-4 hours (elimination of non-used "bases" in soda), the body has the bicarbonate to keep the bases with him, because he needed it urgently.

So you had for years believed that grain acidify just because the urine every few hours after the corn meal had a low pH value, thus indicating acidic secretions. Meanwhile sits down very slowly the realization that urine measurements are very inaccurate.

Note: However, it is undisputed that an organism that is a healthy diet for years and has a healthy metabolism in the "import and export" are in harmony, producing an alkaline urine.

Certain acids in the blood can not easily flow through the kidneys out. You need to "export" are bound to an enzyme that is found in the kidney. In zinc deficiency or certain drugs, the mechanism does not work.

When lactic acid excess, eg during exercise, which is higher than the training condition, the body needs manganese. Then the lactic acid can be processed more quickly to glucose, the substance that would allow the cells to produce energy.

Deacidification can not and should not even "make" just one. This should be done at several levels and ALWAYS BE WITH DRINK MORE CONNECTED. Where should they also finally been ransacked acids when they can not go into solution.

The pH measurement is the most effective in which in a specific measuring method, the reserve of the buffer can be determined. This blood is required from the vein. The "acid-base set", according to HH Jörgensen example, this enables meaningful measurement.

What is the pH measurement then still make sense?

It is generally accepted medical knowledge that the following diseases with increased acid levels in the tissue and thus correspondingly alkaline blood values ​​go hand in hand:

Cancer, rheumatism, allergies, all chronic diseases.

While in intensive care, the acute derailed acidosis (Acidity of the body) are treated and part of everyday life, there are in the doctor's practice, the latent acidosis, which can be successfully treated only when they think about them.

Once you think about: Imagine the stomach does not present as a necessary acid suppliers, but as a container into which the excess acid to flow that occurs in a vital process. The process takes place in the main stomach cells, the parietal cells. Set of table salt, carbon dioxide and water hydrochloric acid and sodium bicarbonate namely forth. The sodium hydrogen carbonate is the most important buffer for excess acids. It is also the basis for the smooth running of the salivary glands, the liver, the bile production and glands in duodenum and small intestine / colon.

Now you know why so often consist dysfunction in these organs. The successful use of "Bull Salz" or other natural acid binders in the stomach can be explained in two ways: in the stomach of acid attack is slowed down to the mucosa, blood buffer functions are performed.

Note: As within, so without, ie everything has a meaning, the physical relationships are often complicated at first glance.

The most basic substances the body receives through our food.

Note: food that has been cooked, fried or baked too long, is degenerate and thus acidic.

Acids improve the internal environment usually not. These include amino acids that make up the proteins set together. In particular, the sulfur-containing proteins from the animal kingdom, of which the people in this country to many record, acidify the body. This is peu à peu: over years and decades the protected bases are consumed and not sufficiently filled.

Which foods cause acidity?

More than 35-50 g of animal protein (daily), the high sugar intake: in the 50s was the sugar consumption in at 1 kg per head of the German population. Today, we consume more than 50 kg of sugar. That can not go well in the long run.

Note: Although sugar tastes "sweet", it acidifies the body to a great extent. White flour without boundary layers and germ is processed by the body almost like sugar. Again, Animal proteins burden the human organism. This refers, of course, all the animals and their products.

Note: Milk can for several reasons not stop osteoporosis:

1 The materials that arrive after their digestion in the body are acidic and cause our body to a fateful act: to "delete" the acid, is actually dissolved in the bone calcium and mitigate the effects of the acids from the huge calcium deposit consumed.

2 The calcium in milk can be processed because of severe digestibility only to a certain extent by a HEALTHY intestine so that it arrives in the body.

More acid formation comes from the fermentation in the gut by an imbalance of the intestinal bacteria, the incomplete digestion due to weakened glands, and years of overtaxing the parietal cells of the stomach, with the consequence of failure of the main production centers of the buffer bases.

Note: An anecdote tells of a "sure-fire" death penalty in ancient China: The prisoners received only flesh and wine to feed. They died a painful death from acidification of the tissue cells.

High-performance sports and wrong-powered recreational sports and stress lead to Acidity of the body.

What can be done about acid load?

  • Diet change: more fresh food - vegetables, boiled potatoes, fruit, cereal.

  • More drinking, leading to acidification tap water defuse by suitable filtering (filter below)

  • Learn relaxation techniques: relaxation of the excitation system via the parasympathetic nerve reduces the stress hormone in the blood density.

  • Aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging and swimming lead to oxygen and reduce blood sugar and stress hormones.

  • More, longer and more effective sleep.

  • More laughing.

  • Breathe better, pay particular attention to the expiration.

All this and the following tips lead to basic metabolism, thus preventing chronic diseases and even cancer.

Drugs and finished products:

  • Alkala® powder for the stomach and the acid metabolism

  • Often, the in potassium, zinc and manganese-containing mineral mixture Neukönigsförder Mineraltabletten® 1-2 3x better (see above)

  • Wheatgrass juice is well-known in certain circles in North America for 30 years, has due to its high chlorophyll fraction, the achieved no other plant, an enormous BUFFER effect. Chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants is the hemoglobin, the red blood pigment in our veins, very similar. Just as this he also can buffer well. In addition, wheat grass juice contains nutrients, including calcium, magnesium and manganese, which provide an extensive de-acidification and purification.

Lack of breathing, the abatmet too little CO2 from the blood through the lungs as carbon dioxide, but can cause fruit also with its weak organic acids that normally reacts basically in the body - is not tolerated - in spite of its sour taste.

Thus, many substances that are actually important to our bodies, do not be tolerated and sometimes provide an indication of the underlying disorder if you look closely. Instead, the symptoms, often as a cry for help acidified organism necessary and a sign of how healing it is still possible to be oppressed by ever more perfect drugs.

Life is a constant attempt to balance between acidosis and alkalosis.

Our life is the longer, the more intelligent we support our body is the final acidosis, cell death reside. Help us a biologically active lifestyle, plenty of fluids, algae (eg Klamath Algae, see below), or wheat grass juice, and the juice of fresh spelled and barley sprouts has it all.

Contact addresses:

  • PURAVITA Schmautzer-Büchl path 19a, 82266 Inning / Ammersee, Tel 08143/959501, Fax 08143/959502 - Sales of wheat grass juice (as a powder, Order No. 6000, DM 79.00;. Veget or as capsules. Order No. 6001, DM 89.00), barley juice powder (Order No. 6004, DM 69.00), video "wheat grass juice - health from the light" (in bookshops Order No. 1104, DM 39.00)

  • Water filter MultiPure®, ready to move on MOVE, Mrs. Volkner, Tel. 030 / 82719-675, fax -676 (and other details)

  • Klamath Algae (in tablet or powder form), via wife Constanze Volkner, Tel: 78 20 030/823

Reading tips:

  • Schmid, Reiner: Wheatgrass juice - medicine for a new age; Find out more about wheat grass juice, instructions for planting and production; ISBN 3-927676-11-X; DM 17.80

also be ordered via PURAVITA (address see above, Order No. 1000)

Wheat grass juice

With its wealth of chlorophyll, enzymes rare, all known minerals and a very high vitamin content it serves to support blood cleansing and blood formation. Detoxification and supply of cell nutrients is the task of all chlorophyll juices. Green juices are the strongest base generator to regulate the acid-base equilibrium exceptionally high energy content.

Wheat grass juice is trapped sunshine!

Directions for use

for general nutritional supplement scattered 1-3 tsp powder in vegetable juice or food, or 3x3 -5 tablets per day.


Healing chlorophyll

Chloropbyll will be the main protein in the coming enlightened age. In freshly prepared beverage it contains synthesized sunshine and the electric current necessary for the revitalization of the body, and it will open up parts of the Gebirns, of which man is prey not yet know.


Since time immemorial it has pondered over the question: What makes the grass green? The German chemist Richard Willstatter (1872/1942), which in 1915 received the Nobel Prize for chemistry, isolated the green pigment in plants, chlorophyll called, and found that it consists of two parts, the blue-green chlorophyll a and the yellow-green chlorophyll b ( ratio is about 3: 1). Chemically, both related to the red blood pigment hemin; Block both the pyrrole, also part of the red blood pigment. Hemin combined with the protein (globin) and thus forms the hemoglobin, which is found in red blood cells that transports oxygen to the tissues and the production of energy and makes life possible.

A particular difference between chlorophyll and heme is that magnesium containing chlorophyll, whereas the Häminmolekül contains iron as a nucleus.

Due to the close molecular relationship between chlorophyll and hemoglobin suspected of scientists that chlorophyll is the blood-forming element of nature for all plant eaters and people. He writes: ªChlorophyll acts as quickly as blutbildend Eisen.' in anemic animals

What is anemia? Anemia, welcomed popularly anemia is a reduction of the blood pigment and red blood cells. Thus, for anemia based on the relationship between diet and hemoglobin amount fathom well. It also because such experiments were performed, which proved that the animal body converts chlorophyll into hemoglobin. Researchers count on the healing effects of chlorophyll in protein deficiency, hyperchromic and pernicious anemia, which has proven in clinical trials. Even with anemia due to pigment anomaly of unknown cause and caused the intravenous injection of a chlorophyll derivative increase the amount of hemoglobin (39/45).

Chlorophyll can therefore be blutbildend. In cases where this therapy fails or only temporarily successful, the anemia disappears when the patient receives organic food and it is the chlorophyll in its natural form, as grass juice, respectively.

But that's not enough. Also in other diseases, the healing power of chlorophyll has proven to be as sinusitis, osteomyelitis (bacterial infection of bone by hematogenous spread of pyogenic organisms), pyorrhea (Eiterfluß), peritonitis, gastric ulcer, arteriosclerosis and mental depression. In July 1940, the American ªJournal of Surgery' brought a report on 1,200 cases in which they had used chlorophyll as a remedy. Of course, these and other successes raised the question of whether chlorophyll has side effects or even could be harmful. Can there be any one so many useful remedies without side effects? Toxicity studies have shown, however, that chlorophyll is completely non-toxic when administered intravenously or intramuscularly injected or taken orally. This applies to both people and animals. However, the importance of a difference. Dr. Hughes and Dr. AL Latner century presented in 1936 found that oral administration of pure chlorophyll in small doses regeneration of the blood favorably influenced, seems to be in larger quantities but toxic to the bone marrow. This toxic effect is produced not in crude chlorophyll. (46)

Wheatgrass juice is crude chlorophyll, which can be safely taken orally or used for enemas.

In his studies on the effect of water-soluble chlorophyll preparations on cultures of various common pathogenic bacteria Dr. Lawrence Smith has come to the following conclusion: Chlorophyll creates a rather unfavorable environment for the bacteria, as it acts on the bacteria themselves. (47)

The explanation is relatively simple: Water-soluble chlorophyll inhibits the action of bacteria and enzymes, the protein into simpler substances. If we make ourselves, the proteins are not attacked by the putrefactive bacteria which are commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract of the meat eaters.

In a letter dated 6 December 1961 at Ann Wigmore Dr. Earp-Thomas confirmed the finding that chlorophyll containing wheat grass toxicity of sodium fluoride, which is used as rat poison and purification of drinking water, neutralized: ªDa wheatgrass is relatively rich in calcium phosphate, is umgesetzt.' the negatively charged free fluoric acid in positively charged alkaline calcium phosphate fluoride

It is clear that chlorophyll independent from any dietary changes in many diseases healing effects. Treatment with medication often suppresses only the symptoms that constitute so basically the body's attempt to rid itself of toxins. In most cases, the disease is due to poor diet, and if no relevant measures are taken, the evils will do sooner or later again noticeable.

Man dies of more than 250 diseases, whereas grass-eating animals such as elephants, cattle and horse be afflicted by only five to ten diseases. The science can only be explained by the the fact that these animals live food, mother nature provides, not of manufactured goods.

Much would win, if people chlorophyll-containing foods, including wheat grass juice zuführten. In a simpler way public health is hard to improve.

What's so great about wheatgrass?

Vitamins minerals enzymes proteins chlorophyll

The "grass juice ingredient" was discovered in the 30s by Dr. Schnabel and Dr. Koehler in America as a promoter of growth and fertility in animals.

However, wheatgrass was made famous by Ann Wigmore and Viktor Kulvinskas that healed many patients of serious diseases. By the pressing of a green young grass juice is obtained which contains a large active substance combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and chlorophyll.

To accommodate most of the minerals and vitamins from the diet, it is recommended to eat really fresh food, or to choose such a natural food as possible. Usually, however, the remains gray theory. Unfortunately, today's fruits and vegetables are often nutrient-poor and most people do not see themselves in a position to take enough of it to himself.

It is therefore increasingly important to take advantage of the valuable and necessary nutrients to complementary manner available.

Wheat grass and barley grass are such possibilities.


Many dietary supplements contain a few synthetic antioxidants. From the more than 600 identified beta carotene are usually very few in chemically produced supplements contain. Chemically, between ascorbic acid and the vitamin C acerola cherry no difference. In its action, however, the difference is huge, because it is metabolized completely different from the body. Then there is the synergistic effect of plant extracts, which occurs only when nutrients such as vitamins, flavonoids, enzymes and trace elements support each other. What substances must ultimately work together is still not clear, let alone how to make such a symbiosis artificially.

So do not let yourself be guided by long tables astray.

While it is important to know something about the composition of a supplement, but the amount of the individual substances still says nothing about its effectiveness from long.

Vitamins in cereal grass:

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin B1

  • Vitamin B12

  • Vitamin B2

  • Vitamin B3

  • Vitamin B6

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin E

  • Vitamin H

  • Vitamin K

  • Folic Acid

  • Pantothenic acid


Grasses include, for example, the minerals 90, which are necessary for a balanced metabolism. Normally in food supplements only few main representative body of the minerals are mixed in the preparations. However, it is necessary for an effective interaction of all substances to bring together the right amounts, the digestible forms, and even the smallest proportions of all components so that the natural symbiosis can occur. This holistic principle of operation is just the nature yet succeeded.

Only in this symbiotic way minerals can interact.

In this composition, the minerals are also present in wheat grass.

And also the other constituents of food supplements must be able to interact in the correct dimensions.

This is ensured particularly in natural NEM.


Enzymes are an extremely important component in cereal grass, a part of all fresh fruits and vegetables. They are the life force in our food and necessary to run the many chemical and biological processes and accelerate. Storage, heating, processing usually lead to their destruction. Fresh is always better.

By the company International Pines consuming methods are used to obtain the enzyme as far as possible.

Fresh grain grass contains the following enzymes, just to name a few:

  • Proteases - promote digestion of proteins

  • Cytrochrome oxidase an antioxidant to support cellular respiration

  • Amylase promotes starch digestion

  • Lipase is a fat-splitting enzyme

  • Phycocyanin- helps in blood formation

  • Transhydrogenase- helps the heart muscle

  • SOD (superoxide dismutase) is found in all body cells and slows down the cellular aging.

It is advisable to double track to drive. It will not make it in the stresses of the day to prepare fresh grass juice daily. However, cereal grass provides unique enough, both possibilities. Fresh and comfortable as tablets. For the basic treatment you should make the effort of the fresh juice, for the weekend and if you have time. Are in everyday life, viewed pragmatically, the tablets or powder for most of us, the more efficient alternative. For use does wheatgrass finally only when it really takes.

Amino acids / protein

All necessary body proteins and more are found in high amounts in wheat grass. In wheat grass supplement the proteins act together. The feeding of individual proteins is usually ineffective, if not harmful. If there are only a few essential proteins in a meal, the body is unable to establish cell blocks for the construction of tissue or body substances from them.

In the cereal grass about 25% protein occur. This is substantially more than in eggs or meat with a maximum of 16%. Have you ever wondered how the powerful cattle that stood there in front of you, its construction food related? From the grass! Cereal grass has all grasses practically available the highest protein content. Grass is power. An available man power for us.

It is not enough that a food contains a high amount of protein, it must also be bioavailable. The bodybuilders know exactly. But even the concentrated protein powder, possibly from contaminated bovine protein products is less bioavailable. Protein from grain grass is much easier to metabolize than meat.

It is much more expensive for the people, the essence of an animal to neutralize from the diet as the essence of a plant. Therefore, you can fruits and vegetables easier one-ridiculed yew. They form eg meat no different than acidic body environment, which is partly responsible for many chonische diseases and cancer.

In the selection of proteins - important for athletes with higher needs - but you should pay attention not only the biological value, but also remember that at the same time a large amount of undesired accompanying substances are added to animal food protein, namely purines, cholesterol and fats. Purines in meat supply in the metabolism of uric acid as the end product, which can be deposited in the kidneys, joints, and tendons, so that there may be kidney stones, gout, and increased susceptibility to injury

Here is an analysis of the proteins of 7 tabs (3.5 g) from Pines International: E = Essential

  • Alanine 69mg

  • Arginine 66mg

  • Aspartic acid 50mg

  • Cysteine ​​11mg - E as sulfur

  • Glutamic acid 76mg

  • Glycine 49mg

  • Histidine 18mg

  • Isoleucine 35mg E

  • Leucine 72mg E

  • Lysine 38mg E

  • Methionine 18mg E

  • Proline 46 mg

  • Purine 2mg

  • Phenylalanine 36mg E

  • Prolin46mg

  • 42 mg of threonine E

  • Tyrosine 33mg

  • Tryptophan 6mg E

  • Serine 31 mg

  • Valine 48mg E

In contrast to pure protein preparations cereal grass has no negative effects on the kidneys or so-called side effects even at high doses.


Chlorophyll is the substance which gives the plant its green color. It has the power to make solar energy available to us. Ultimately, all life is based on the world to chlorophyll.

The substances contained in cereal grass are essential for the formation and functioning of the individual components of healthy blood. The blood pigment heme and chlorophyll are very similar. There is a remarkable relationship between the complex process of respiration in humans and animals and the equally complex process of photosynthesis in plants. The formation of heme in animals runs practically in a similar manner from, as the formation of chlorophyll in plants. Our cells are supplied by chlorophyll-containing food with more oxygen, because chlorophyll promotes the formation of hemoglobin and hemoglobin - the red blood pigment - concerned the transport of oxygen in the body.

"Chlorophyll will be the main protein in the coming enlightened age. In freshly prepared beverage it contains condensed sunshine and the electric current necessary for the revitalization of the body, and it is parts of the brain develop, of which man does not yet know today" (Ann Wigmore ).

The effects of chlorophyll are so varied that you may not believe it. Because of the drug advertising law is in Germany as a company not publicly enumerate effects without legal sanction.

Admittedly, so this all sounds very non-committal. Find out therefore please be elsewhere, eg in our recommended books.

For this, the American physician Dr Swope: "When chlorophyll would be patented, it would, in my opinion, the most commonly used product in the medical field workers".

We have a fresher skin, experience a deeper sleep and increased energy.

Wheat grass and barley grass provide unique opportunities. With no other food supplements you can experience the power of nature so directly and personally responsible. With fresh juice you are your own producer and have full control over your power source.

You can tap with wheat grass and barley grass an energy source that will give you a deep trust in nature. This confidence in the nature is transformed into a confidence in your health. Find out for yourself how everything is beneficial with each other, if you know how to use the sources.

And if you look white on the right track, it is fun, with the products of Pines well measured to cheat and deviate from the ideal. Unlike factory-like vitamin supplements you use here with cereal grass the powerful symbiotic effect of optimal and of course balanced ingredients.

Hippocrates Diet food, transitional food
and those that should be completely avoided.

category Hippocrates Diet NahrungsmitteI Transitional food Foods you should avoid
Proteins Sauces, yoghurts and cheese from the fermented seeds and nuts; sprouted seeds, beans and nuts; Avocados; green drinks . gently cooked beans and peas, (soups); Tofu; Tempeh; Nut butters; not soaked nuts and seeds red meat; Fish; Poultry; Eggs; pasteurized milk and cheese; hydrolyzed vegetable proteins,
luncheon meats; meat-like products;
Carbohydrates Knusperkomfiaden; Bread, cereals and muesli heated from germinated cereals; Milk from cereals; Appetizers from sprouted wheat; Pie crusts from germinated grains; Sourdough breads (no yeast); unleavened crackers; whole, gently cooked rice, wheat, millet, buckwheat, barley, oats, polenta, semolina, bulgur, rye; Bread from sprouted grain; Naturkostknusperflocken; all yeast breads and products made from white flour; processed cereals; white rice; Noodles; Crunchy flakes with sugar; baked products, which contain refined oils; Sugar; Wheat Flour; Additives;
Fats / oils Avocados; Cheese made from seeds and nuts; fresh, all-natural nut butter in small quantities; Dressings made from vegetables and seeds yogurt; small amounts of unrefined sesame or olive oil on salads; Nut butters; Sesame Tahini all oils except sesame and olive oil; commercial nut butters; Peanuts; pasteurized butter or cream; are all foods that contain oil or cooked in
Vegetables uncooked sprouts and green leafy vegetables (sprouts); organically grown; inserted without salt; dried and mixed with soups or sauces; squeezed into juices steamed (without oil); gently baked; in soups and stews; as broth; in the saucepan; not organically grown; frozen; in cans; overcooked; cooked with the sugar and / or salt; old and withered; pickled in brine; irradiated
Fruit fresh: in sauces, soups, salads, shakes, milk, cake, banana; dried, unsulphured: as food and health food bars cooked fruit or cooked fruit desserts; Baked apples; soaked and ampfgegartes dried fruit; steam cooked fruit; Apple sauces; preserved in cans or chemicals and added sugars; sulfurized and dried; immature;

Drinks Rejuvelac; fresh fruit and vegetable juices; filtered or still water; green drinks Nature Pure fruit and vegetable juices in bottles; Herbal teas; natural carbonated beverages; Cereal coffees; Tap water; Coffee; Tea; Soda; alcoholic beverages; artificially sweetened fruit drinks;
Between meals Sliced ​​vegetables; fresh fruit; homemade trail mix from germinated grains; Knusperkornfladen; fresh juice; Bar made from dried fruit and nuts; Seed cheese on celery pieces; Rice cakes; Naturkostknusperflocken; unleavened crackers; Trail mix; Sushi Rice; Baked apples; Juices in bottles; Popcorn (without oil and butter); Herbal tea; Grain coffee; sweet bar made of rice and syrup; natural and unnatural junk food snacks; commercial "health food" -imbisse; Soda; Chocolate bars;
Seasonings naturally pure, unfiltered honey; Bee pollen; fresh fruit; Dried fruit; Miso; Tamari; Vegetable salt; Seetangpulver; Sauerkraut; Lemons, lemon juice; fresh and dried herbs. pasteurized honey; Maple syrup; Barley malt; Rice syrup; Sorghum; Apple vinegar; Sea salt; Garlic; Onion; Cayenne pepper; Chili seasoning; powdered Gernüseenzyme; pure natural cooking wine; Products that contain additives such as sugar, molasses, cane sugar syrup; Glucose, fructose; Salt, iodized salt; Vinegar; Pepper, glutamate; Oils, eggs, dyes and preservatives

Wheatgrass is particularly rich in chlorophyll and many other essential vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. Moreover, there is the juice to 21% of wholesome protein in great shape with key amino acids and many other phytochemicals.

If there is a perfect so-called "food supplements" then it's probably freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice. The enzymes contained in the juice are available in abundance in any other food like in this freshly squeezed juice. These enzymes are important to the overall metabolism of the body, they are very sensitive to heat and are mostly completely destroyed during cooking, therefore, above all, people should cook currently not wish to place themselves on a sufficient supply, in the form of wheat grass juice eighth.
Why wheatgrass for us is so important:
fresh wheat grass
Fresh wheat grass
Especially nowadays is a supply with chlorophyll very important, it is antibacterial, cleansing and assists the body in the breakdown of chemikalischen poisons such as pesticides and pollution. Called chlorophyll, the green blood of plants also comes in all green plants before, in some more than in others, in young wheat grass is very much of it in addition to the other minerals, vitamins and enzymes.
One should drink the juice always fresh directly after pressing, the wheat grass can buy or better breed itself at home one. You should always young wheat grass juice for use at about 10-12 cm height, the protein molecules are still small at this stage and can therefore be directly absorbed by the blood. This dark green juice is a little powerhouse that has it all.
The researcher H. Earp-Thomas found in fresh wheat grass over 100 different nutrients, the most important content at a glance:
Wheat grass juice
Wheat grass juice
Vitamins & minerals: vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, zinc, iron, iodine, cobalt, copper , MN. enzymes: lipase, oxidase, transhydrogenase, peroxidase, catalase, amylase, superoxide dismutase, protease, chlorophyll. amino acids: aspartic acid, glutamic acid, serine, glycine, histidine, L-arginine, threonine, alanine, proline, tyrosine, valine, methionine, cysteine, isoleucine, tryptophan, L-lysine, leucine. All that is in wheatgrass.

My advice in terms of wheat grass juicers:
I have no electric juicer for wheat grass, I use it a hand juicer, it's quick and easy, especially cleaning. In my opinion is the perfect made for the wheat grass juice.

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