Honey: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?


Honey: Benefits, Reviews, Warnings?
Honey, healing properties and useful tips

Honey is a natural food very common in Italian homes. Its healing properties are many, as there are many varieties available and the circumstances in which you can indulge in a little 'sweetness. Among the most famous acacia, eucalyptus, chestnut and honey.

Honey production is entrusted to the bees while collecting and further processing is entrusted to man, and represents an important moment in the process. An error in this second phase and can lose many of the beneficial properties that this natural remedy provides.

Benefits and Natural Cures

Cured with honey is one of the most enjoyable ways to use the sweet and natural remedies. Especially suited to the seasons of autumn and winter, this solution turns out to be present, so useful, at any time of the day. Its healing properties are the best known anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antibacterial.
Honey can help in the protection and detoxification of the liver, in fixing the bone calcium and magnesium, such as ensuring a protective action of the digestive system. Excellent ability to decongest the upper respiratory tract.

Nothing could be more salutary, therefore, that use honey as a solution to combat the sore throat. Thanks to its properties is to help reduce the inflammation in the throat, soothing the burning and helping to improve breathing.

A useful aid assured even in case of cough. One or two teaspoons in a glass of warm milk not hot (temperature-consumer) can provide a great help in the treatment: you will be able to take advantage of its soothing and softening remedy any unpleasant as the clove of crushed garlic (from add milk to disinfect and reduce inflammation).

Hair, but especially dry skin are two other possible applications for the honey. Mixed with a few drops of oil to exploit its emollient and dilute a little 'honey itself, this remedy can help the skin to regain the lost moisture in about 20-30 minutes of direct application.
Useful against sunburn and minor burns, preferably combined with yogurt and elder leaves, honey helps to speed healing in acne and canker sores. Do not forget the effective action guaranteed in case of mosquito bites.

Honey is a great natural energizing finally, able to replace in a natural way the common "energy drinks" and even coffee.

Every bother her honey
Notwithstanding the help that this remedy can provide in each of its possible variants, some specific qualities of honey provide more support in fighting certain diseases and disorders. Let's see some examples:
Acacia Honey: One of the most known and appreciated in circulation. Light color and delicate fragrance for this variant is more suitable than others for consumption by diabetics because of the richness of fructose;
Eucalyptus Honey and Thyme: It is especially suitable for diseases involving the respiratory tract, such as coughs, colds and sore throat;

Chestnut Honey: Helps to regain the form and the energy lost while providing mineralizing action;
Citrus honey (orange or lemon): Promotes relaxation and wellbeing recovery thanks to its ability antispasmodic and sedative;

Linden Honey: An important calming is also guaranteed by this lesser-known variant, useful in case of excessive stress and nervousness;

Rosemary Honey: Especially useful to contrast failure problems with the gallbladder and liver disorders;
Honey Hawthorn: The scent and very intense aroma, it is recommended to use especially against disorders such as cardiovascular apparatus hypertension and palpitations. It is also useful to promote a physiological sleep and calm stress and anxiety.

Tips and advice
Knowing and preserving the organoleptic characteristics of honey can be just as important to know on what occasions have recourse. Let's start first with the consistency and appearance that this food must be present, which can and often "should" not be entirely smooth.
Crystallization of honey is a natural process and expected, so a possible yardstick for the genuineness of the product purchased. Better prefer one biological, with a greater chance of keeping intact its healing properties.

Should you then bring it back to the liquid state by heating it is good to know how should pay particular attention to the temperature, which should never exceed 45 °, otherwise the possible loss of the honey of its valuable natural properties.

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