Wheatgrass: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


WHEATGRASS: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

1 How much juice should be drunk every day and over what period?

It can be started with a small amount of 1 tablespoon. If well tolerated, can then 2-4 cl, (1-2 times a day) over a period of 6 weeks (or longer) be drunk. Amount and duration of intake can always vary.
Best is the juice on an empty stomach, ie the first in the morning, or at least
2 hrs. Drinking after a light meal. Then wait at least half an hour of ingestion. Wheat grass juice can best exert its effect when it is drunk pure.
At the same time it is good if you start with white flour, sugar, meat, alcohol, coffee, noodles and highly processed foods, at least over the period of the wheat grass juice ingestion, should be removed from their bill of fare. The Herborist Can Reborn From Death -
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2 What machine can I use for juicers?

Stainless Steel Press to manually operate. Can be obtained from me. Cost: 129,00 €
Green Star juicer, firm or company PGS seedling costs: 579.00 EUR

3 Why is it good to drink wheatgrass juice or spelled grass juice?

The freshly squeezed grass juice goes straight into the blood, since it differs only by an atom (magnesium) from the blood (iron).
The grass juice promotes the formation of enzymes and red Blutkörperchen.Er contains an extraordinary number of enzymes, vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals and especially chlorophyll (70%).
Chlorophyll opens the cell for the absorption of nutrients and enzymes which make possible the metabolism. Since the body produces with age not as many enzymes, it is particularly important through living foods such as wheat grass juice to enhance enzyme production. Vitality and zest for life are promoted and body, spirit and soul in harmony.

I personally think that the freshly squeezed juice directly from the wheatgrass juicer drink is lively and also tastes better. It is not so difficult to prepare with the juicer wheat grass juice itself and the wheat grass first grow themselves and then to harvest. Many people wonder if you can buy wheat grass juice, which is of course nowadays quite well.
Wheatgrass juicer forms:
Electric juicer like Green Star
Wheatgrass presses - hand operated
The hand-operated juicer (see Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
Wheatgrass juicer example
Everything still missing is a wheat grass juicer, here you do not need high tech a normal hand press guarantees a fresh crop of wheat grass juice.

Here it is possible to buy hand juicer for wheat grass
In my article on the cultivation of wheat grass and the manufacture of fresh wheat grass juice I have described everything exactly the process is relatively simple. All information about wheat grass to grow for the wheatgrass juicer can also be found in the article here.
The preparation thus juicing is also relatively fixed, therefore it has then always fresh juice directly because it is no longer fresh also. An alternative would otherwise perhaps the wheat grass powder which has the same effect but of course not as fresh as the squeezed wheatgrass juice.
The wheat grass effect
The effect of wheat grass is generally positive for the body because it is a donor of chlorophyll. For more information on the effect of wheat grass we have here summarized.

Popular dietary supplement
Cereal grasses such as wheat grass and barley grass are rich in phytochemicals. The grasses are therefore highly valued as natural supplements.

These cereal grasses are among the sweet grasses and are among the oldest crops.

We are certified organic.

Advantages of the diet
Cereal grasses are harvested as young plants before the stems begin to sprout. At this time the grass has the highest concentration of minerals, trace elements, vitamins and enzymes.

Young wheat grass
Young wheat grass
Cereal grasses

contain much fiber
are rich in chlorophyll
basic act
enrich the diet due to their vital substances
are gluten-free
Thanks to these positive features include the cereal grasses to the " Green Superfoods "

Without additives
Our products contain no additives or extenders, such as modified starch (maltodextrin).

We offer natural and organic raw food quality, which comes closest to the fresh grass.

Different effect - same benefits
The cereal grasses are quite similar in composition.

However, wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa differ in their effect.

Wheat grass gives strength and energy. It is considered stimulant and is appreciated by quiet people.
Barley grass looks more reassuring. Extroverted people and women in menopause often prefer barley grass.
Alfalfa is rich in minerals and contains the most important sources of vitamin E. Physically and mentally active people benefit most from these positive effects.
Compare the ingredients of barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa per 100 gr
Unit Barley Grass Wheatgrass Alfalfa

Protein gr 14,400 15,200 22,400
Fat gr 3000 3900 2700
Roughage gr 51,300 49,200 43,300
Carbohydrates gr 14,600 10,000 13,100
Condensing kcal / kJ 246 / 1,014 235/967 253 / 1,050

B1 mg 0250 0230 0332
B2 mg 1120 1210 1740
B6 mg 0340 0440 1060
B9 (folic acid) ug 333,000 332.00
B12 ug 2660 2750 1490
Vitamin C mg 35,600 1910 32.24
Vitamin D3 ug 1020 20,300
Vitamin E mg 5220 2970 7310

Potassium (K) mg 2'360.000 3'470.000 2'970.000
Calcium (Ca) mg

572,000 1'130.000
Magnesium (Mg) mg 134,000 172,000 193,000
Iron (Fe) mg 37,300 74,000 18,200
Zinc (Zn) mg 2600 2200 3100
Copper (Cu) mg 0670 0840 0950
Manganese (Mn) mg 2800 7400 3300
Sodium (Na) mg 4500 42,300 9000
Phosphorus (P) mg 432200 426.00 366,000

We already knew the wonderful properties of wheatgrass juice to drink. Anne Maria Clement, co-director of the Hippocrates Institute in Florida, we present here, along with other easy to prepare at home, numerous other applications remedies. program the famous Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida is based Consumption of a varied and vibrant vegetable diet, along with wheat grass juice and shoots. This supply, which provides the body with the four fundamentals needed to strengthen the immune system, oxygen, enzymes, hormones and aging, has allowed many people to dramatically improve their health and learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle can maintain optimum vitality. Beyond food, the Centre offers guests a comprehensive program in which exercise, psychotherapy, massage, colon hydrotherapy and other treatments based on simple natural products or the latest technology, play an important role .

The Hippocrates Center is best known for wheat grass, including the therapeutic use was introduced in the United States there are about fifty years by the founder of the Center, Ann Wigmore. How do you use it? Wheat grass is a blood regenerator and a versatile detoxifier. Since the establishment of the Centre, we use it internally, typically 50 ml and 50 ml in the morning the night bus fasting, as well as intestinal enema once a week to help the body get rid of waste and feed the organs of the abdominal area. We also use it externally: poultice, wrap, eye wash, friction, ... For example, to make a poultice, we impregnate of wheatgrass juice pulp recovered after extraction and place it as a compress on the areas of body pain (cuts, burns, tumors ...). Recall that one of the easiest ways to take wheatgrass is to chew as you would with a piece of gum and then spit it out when the fibers were extracted all the juice. However, to sufficiently obtain the juice for other internal and external use, it is necessary to use a suitable juice extractor, manual or electric.

Chlorophyll wheat grass has the same molecular structure as the hemoglobin blood, with the sole difference that the core molecule is composed of non-iron and magnesium. To date, it has been found in wheat grass tens of thousands of phyto-chemicals that help prevent and combat all kinds of diseases. As it is a complete protein that contains all essential amino acids, it helps build healthy tissue and stabilize blood sugar. It also contains a significant amount of laetrile or vitamin B17. This well-known anti-tumor substance is at the forefront of natural therapies for decades. Everyone can benefit from wheatgrass, even those who do not have a very healthy lifestyle elsewhere.

Could you tell us about garlic that is widely used at the Centre? Garlic is indeed widely used in particular because of its anti-microbial properties. From my work in Sweden, which was inspired by the Danish work of Dr. Christine Nolfi (European leader in live food), we found that garlic could treat many infections, whether of parasitic origin, bacterial or viral, even in cases where drugs have failed. Apart from food, one of the forms in which we use garlic Hippocrates garlic oil: more garlic cloves are crushed in a vegetable oil good as olive oil and This mixture is allowed to stand overnight to extract the medicinal acids and nutrients. It is generally applied by soaking a compress gas that is placed on the affected area. We saw infected wounds heal longstanding few days while the antibiotics had done nothing to help the healing process.

On this point, the story of Heather Mills, recently married to Paul McCartney, is quite uplifting . She arrived at Hippocrates there ten years with an infection in his leg stump, cut off by a motorcycle that had struck violently on the streets. At the time of the accident, she was part of the UK's most prominent models and thus enjoyed the best care that could be found in England. But drugs were unable to stop the infection so that periodically, doctors had to cut off a few inches of extra leg. A long time passed during which she was unable to use a prosthesis. Heather came to the Centre in a wheelchair; after four days of use wheatgrass, living foods and garlic oil application, the infection was stopped. Two weeks later she bought an artificial leg.

And it is by walking it returned to the plane to take her back to Europe! What is the role of hydrotherapy to Hippocrates? baths with Epsom salts, sea salt, ginger and essential oils are often offered for different reasons. Each has the ability to accelerate the detoxification of the body and at the same time, cause either a stimulation or relaxation of muscles, nervous system and immune system. For example, when you feel it coming a cold or flu, run a hot bath with a half cup of powdered ginger. Make this bath just before bed for at least 15 minutes. Can you rinse, dry off, wrap yourself in cotton towels and drag you under the covers. You will sleep like a baby and perspire profusely during the night, increasing your temperature just enough to help fight and often eliminate the virus involved. If you have strained a muscle, you have recently had surgery or have bruises, a bath with Epsom salts for 15 minutes or more will relieve you. Baths with mud from the Dead Sea are suitable for eczema, psoriasis and for general detoxification. Essential oils can be customized and used for a wide range of results. The most important in relation to these natural baths is that they not only help you enhance and improve your health, but they are also very nice and help you feel great. Finally, what advice would you give each of us with the hectic lives we lead, we often forget the simple used by our grandparents methods to stay healthy. Slow down and take a minute for yourself. You'll be surprised how much you have the power to choose your future. Do not become dependent on the health industry. Often, you can do the right thing for yourself to improve your life and your family. I am delighted to host Brian conferences and workshops to be held in Paris to share with you my experience of thirty years in the natural health and help you become more independent and happier every day. Interviewed by Claudine Richard. Published in Biocontact -

March 2003 DETOXIFICATION AND GENERAL BODY REGENERATION - Detoxification and general regeneration: drink every day, fasting, 50 ml of wheatgrass juice in the morning and 50 ml in the evening. - Enema intestinal to grass juice Wheat: using an enema bag, to an intestinal washing with about 1 liter of water. Once the colon cleaned, put some water in the bottom of the bag enema (about 1 cm) and add 100 to 150 ml of wheat grass juice. Practice as to the washing with water, but to lie and keep this mini-enema least twenty minutes.

You can also use an ear syringe. - Douche of the wheat grass juice by diluting 50 ml of wheatgrass juice in equal parts with pure water (never use pure juice). Inject using vaginal bulb. Useful in case of gynecological problems (fibroids, cysts, fungal infections, herpes) and just after menstruation. - Detoxification of the liver: massage the liver area with castor oil, cover with a warm towel and a water bottle . Lying on the right side and keep at least twenty minutes or overnight if possible. - If migraine (which can occur frequently at the beginning of the detoxification process): perform intestinal enema wheat grass juice, as described above. Drink at least two liters of water a day, especially in the morning to cleanse the colon. You can take two to three capsules of white willow bark. If you have frequent headaches, so be sure to completely eliminate dairy products and those made ​​from wheat flour.

These products are highly allergenic and act as poisons to the body, especially when they are pasteurized or cooked. - Dry brushing the skin before showering, vigorously scrub the skin dry, with small circular movements and up by major towards the heart. This practice stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation and improves all exchanges. To expedite the process of regeneration, always finish his shower by 15-20 seconds of cold water. - Bath sea salt: dilute a cup of unrefined sea salt in a hot bath.

To neutralize the effects of radiation, chemicals and heavy metals, add one pound of baking soda. Stay in the bath for 15 minutes or more. A practice 1-2 times a week. - Bains ginger diluting half a cup of powdered ginger in a hot bath. Facilitates perspiration. Useful in case of flu, colds, fever. Also has a very relaxing effect. Whatever the chosen bath, rinse with cool water or cold for those who support it, after bathing. EXTERNAL USE JUICE WHEAT GRASS - poultice for tumors, skin problems , burns, wounds closed: using about 50 ml of wheat grass juice that is poured on the pulp manufacturing juice recovered using a puller. Apply this pulp soaked the problem region. Cover with gauze and hold it in place with tape. You can keep that compresses up to eight hours. - wrap for hands and arthritic feet, soak a cotton socks about 150 ml of wheat grass juice. Thread the foot or hand problem in the sock, wrap in a plastic bag and slip on any one second sock to keep the wrap in place. - Eye bath: dilute 25 ml of wheatgrass juice with the same amount of pure water in an eye cup (never use pure juice). Apply eye cup on the eye, tilt his head, open your eyes and keep the break for 15 to 20 seconds (may give a slight burning sensation). To enhance the beneficial effects of this bath, it is possible to practice some moves eye gymnastics together: successively look up, down, left, right and then diagonally up and down. If you are discouraged eye baths (including glaucoma), you can just rub very gently a few pure juice around the eye. - Friction scalp: massage the scalp with 150 ml of wheat grass juice.

Useful for dandruff, psoriasis, dry or greasy scalp leather. Do not use in the weeks after a perm. - Scars: massage with a mixture of wheat grass juice and oil with vitamin E. USES OF GARLIC OIL - Open wounds infected or at risk of s' infected, gangrene: make a mix with a share of crushed garlic pulp to two parts olive oil. Leave the mixture overnight. Soak gauze and apply the mixture on the wound. Cover with gauze or two that will be kept dry with tape. The patches are changed every morning and evening but can also be kept for 24 hours without problem. If the pad is too much to bear on an open wound, simply soak the skin around the wound with the mixture. - Earache: prepare a mixture in equal parts of crushed garlic and oil olive. . Soak a cotton ball with the mixture and insert into the ear canal Garlic oil can be refrigerated for 4 days.

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