Wheatgrass: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?


WHEATGRASS: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dosage, Warnings?

Origin of wheat

The today known wheat seeds was not always exist in this form in the world. It emerged from the crossing of different cereals and wild grasses and went through a long development process. From the people at first, the two species of wheat einkorn (Triticum monococcum) and emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccum) were grown, its area of ​​origin is located in the Middle East. The Herborist Can Reborn From Death -
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Since the oldest nude wheat finds date from a period from 7800 to 5200 v. Chr., Wheat is considered as the second oldest after the barley cereal. It prepares over the years across North Africa to Europe and became more and more essential. Today it is one of the most widely grown grains.

Ingredients of wheatgrass juice

Bunch of wheat grassConcentrated energy bundle Wheat grass juice is still not too common in German cuisine, but has a bunch of positive qualities to offer, you should not ignore. The famous Swiss doctor and nutritionist Max Bircher-Benner, who developed the well-known Granola, described the grass juice as "concentrated sunshine." Thus, the pioneer of whole foods was not wrong, because the chlorophyll contained in the wheat grass juice is built up by the sun.

Chlorophyll is blutbildend

The chlorophyll in plants is similar to its composition to that of human hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the red of blood and consists at its core of trivalent iron. The core of chlorophyll, although magnesium, but iron is also included. Iron can be easily replaced with magnesium, so that the chlorophyll of wheat Green looks really blutbildend.

Many important nutrients

Alongside the young germinating plants contain other important nutrients for the body. Amino acids, essential oils, minerals and trace elements ensure an appreciation of their forces and give energy.

Especially enzymes and vitamin contained in the freshly squeezed juice and many are beneficial for the body because of their good usable compounds. Moreover, the discovered of US-physician Ernst Theodor cancer Vitamin B17 (also nitriles, Amygdalin or Laetrile called) strongly included in wheatgrass juice and is regarded as anti-cancer vitamin.

But in other areas of the body grass juice can be beneficial. It purifies the blood, cleans the intestines and liver, increases the activity of enzymes and neutralizes poisons.

Effect of wheat grass juice

Wheat grass juice has been used for a long time as a medicine and is considered one of the oldest remedies. Not only Indian shamans, Chinese healers, Celtic Druids or priests doctors of the Essenes put it on, but also the famous Hildegard of Bingen. However, the healing power of green juice with advent of modern medicine fell into oblivion.

The discoverer of the grass juice

It was the "mother of the living food" Ann Wigmore discovered almost 40 years ago the healthy power of wheatgrass juice again. At the age of fifty-two years, she was diagnosed with cancer and devoted himself since the exploration of the "living food".

Your grandmother had great knowledge of the healing power of freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice, to which she remembered. This knowledge is passed today in their "Optimum Health Institute", of which she founded more.

There Almost seminars dealing with the green juice and the book English book "The Wheatgrass Book".

The perfect dietary supplement

Wheat grass juice is attributed to a digestive effect, therefore it is perfect as a food supplement for fasting. The juice acts cleansing and ridding the body of toxins effectively, which can be easily flushed out of the body.

People who are forced to follow a rather unhealthy lifestyle, as they, for example, often eating out is also provided with the wheatgrass juice an optimal nutritional supplement.

Use organic wheat grass as an energy drink

Due to its rich range of vital substances, the wheat grass juice is perfect as an energy drink. The nutrients contained in such favorable connections that only a glass donates a lot of energy.

Since people tend not to want to eat wheat grass in his plant form, it is better to squeeze the juice of the seedlings. This results not only in the morning means that you can have a energizer of a special kind to yourself.

Instructions for growing wheat grass

One can wheat grass in several ways zoom breed: the germ machines, in the potting soil or seed glass.

For growing in potting soil

They fill two shallow sowing boxes or three flowers coasters with about five centimeters organic potting soil. If there are holes in the bottom of the dish, it provides better ventilation and the excess water to flow out.

Can pre-sprout seeds

Two days earlier, should be about 200 grams organic Weizenkeimsaat be pre-germinated in glass. It already then form roots that can be better anchored in the ground. These are distributed at regular intervals on the potting soil.

The vessel is to pull aufbefahrt at room temperature and covered with an airtight, damp cloth. Once or twice daily growing plants should be moistened with a water sprayer.

Not to be confused with mold

It formed during the next day fine Kapillarwurzeln, which must not be confused with mold you. Around the fourth day of the time is right for harvesting. The grass is then incubated for between 10 cm and 15 cm.

It should be close to the ground cut off with scissors. Is it stored in an airtight glass, the harvest can keep in the refrigerator for up to five days.

Pull wheatgrass in germ machine itself

Wheat Keimsaat
WerbungAs with the pre-contraction in the potting soil you should use the special bio-Weizenkeimsaat for breeding. Other wheat grains do not grow as quickly and promote mold growth. The wheat seeds in the seed machines fill and add fresh water.

The sprinkler of automatic watering the seeds reliably and regularly. After seven to twelve days are obtained by fully automatic machines germ 10 cm to 15 cm high cereal grasses, which can also be processed into juice.

The rearing unit in the bud or shoot glass

In Sprouter you can use the top level for growth, because the wheat grass can develop freely there. Spread the seeds neatly on the plane and one water twice a day. After just eleven days, they are ready for harvest.

The breeding of wheat grass designed in shoot glass is complicated as there is not enough space there for the long grasses. However, it is suitable for germination.

Wheat grass for green smoothies?

Vitamix Blender
WerbungWhat is already a big trend in America, will be tried here just. We are talking about green smoothies. Packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes they bring energy into everyday life and are perfect to complement the normal diet.

Especially wheat grass is ideal as part of a green smoothies. Everything thing you should not puree it with an immersion blender, how to do it mostly with fruit. Wheat Grass Press Green Star Elite
WerbungA high performance blender, or wheat grass juicer is because of advantage, because no fibrous leaf residue.

Combined with leafy vegetables and fruits of all kinds so you can conjure up a creamy and delicious smoothie. It's worth it, even when green smoothie products stop by. There you will find more information and great recipe preparation variants.

The wheat grass powder as

If you want to use wheat grass not necessarily for its juice, then there is the powder version of the cereal. The concentrate is made from fresh wheat grass. It is gently dried during processing, so that as many of the healthy and active substances are preserved. So you need not specifically to buy a juicer and not have to do without his daily needs.

Where can you buy wheat grass powder?

Naturya Organic Wheatgrass Powder
WerbungTo buy, there is the powder in any well-stocked health food store and the online stores. It should cheap products be avoided, since these harmful ingredients can include. Rather, it is important to make sure that the powder comes from certified organic cultivation. The investment may be worth, as a pack keeps for several months and the nutrient content makes up for a lot again. It offers a good alternative to fresh wheatgrass, even if the vitamin content is not as high.

Wheat grass powder mix with drinks

With water or other cold beverages you can enjoy the powder easily. Since it does not have a taste, it can also be combined with juices. It also includes no animal ingredients and can be safely consumed by vegans. Taking the wheat grass juice thus prepared several times, he can also have a mobilizing effect, as the fresh green juice.

Advantages of powder

All the benefits of the powdered wheatgrass juice here again at a glance:

The Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder
The powder is easy to carry
Always available, as there are many buying options
The powder form is more space-saving than the grasses
Long shelf life
Controlled biological purity
Tasteless and can be combined with other beverages
Cheaper than the comparable amount of fresh wheat grass
Prepared quickly and easily
The powder version is worthwhile in any case, if you just have no fresh wheat grass at hand and it once again is to go fast. Even the taste of grass'll not like so much, the powder is a welcome and tasty free alternative is to see. The vitamin bomb is secured in every case.

Not too long ago, the wheat grass was traded a top secret, now it is considered the quintessential trend. Its versatile and direct effect, it is very popular not only among athletes as dietary supplements, it is highly sought after.
The effect of wheat grass
Wheat grass has very versatile effects, primarily it is used as a support for fasting and dieting, as it stimulates the activity of the intestinal flora. Also in athletes wheat grass is very popular because it has a revitalizing effect and can thus very well be used as a legal and especially as a healthy means to improve performance. In addition, Wheatgrass is considered to be very cleansing and can therefore also warden well used for purification. Due to its high vitamin content of wheat grass is considered very healthy and offers many enzymes and is rich in minerals, besides wheat grass contains a very high content of chlorophyll.
Wheatgrass Juice
Most commonly, the wheatgrass is processed into a wheat grass juice. This is primarily used as a food supplement and Untertsützung of diets and fasts. Due to the high concentration of minerals and enzymes of wheat grass juice is very fast and above all effective. Available is the wheatgrass juice, both on the Internet and in well-stocked health food stores. Since the wheat grass and therefore the wheat grass juice act directly on the central nervous system, it has a very stimulating effect, which can be equated to caffeine. Especially warden must be considered positively in this case that the wheatgrass juice does have many positive effects, but side effects are known. Wheatgrass juice is a herbal and organic product, which is the body in every way beneficial.

Wheat grass powder
A very popular especially among athletes alternative to wheat grass juice is the wheat grass powder. This powder take athletes like as purely herbal and healthy variation to improve performance. So if you go, never to give up his daily dose of wheat grass, which is well served with powder. So you always have to be healthy wheat grass while in a pub or even on vacation. With water or alternative mixed with another cold drink can wheat grass powder always and everywhere enjoy and do themselves and their body always and everywhere a good thing.

Where to buy in Germany wheat grass juice?
If you want to convince yourself of the positive effects of wheat grass that can find both the juice and the powder in any well-stocked health food store. But on the Internet you will find many useful information in addition to numerous sites where you can purchase this herbal supplements. But it is important to learn exactly what the relevant prices and be reasonable in taking strict compliance. Due to the high concentration of enzymes overdose of wheat grass juice can namely quite sometimes even lead to diarrhea.

"Let your food be your medicine"

"Grey are all theories but green is the Tree of Life"

The wheatgrass juice fight health problems such as:

chronic fatigue
heart problems
premature aging
the accumulation of mucus in the intestines
dermatitis (eczema)
liver disorders
cholesterol (bad)
pancreatic disorders and thyroid gland
The effectiveness of wheatgrass juice on the health problems mentioned here was found through analysis, experimentation and research conducted in different health institutions in the last 40 years.
The work 'of Ann Wigmore are undoubtedly the most complete source of information. Renowned worldwide for the reliability and richness of its content on wheatgrass.

Consumption Pattern

Week 1:
(1-7 days)

1 serving in the morning on an empty stomach

Week 2:
(days 8-14)

2 servings in the morning on an empty stomach

Week 3:
(15-21 days)

2 servings in the morning on an empty stomach

1 serving at least 20 minutes before dinner

Week 4:
(22-28 days)

2 servings in the morning on an empty stomach

2 servings 20 minutes minimum supper

Week 5:
(29-35 days)

2 servings in the morning on an empty stomach

2 servings 20 minutes minimum supper

Week 6:
(days 36-42)

2 servings in the morning on an empty stomach

2 servings 20 minutes minimum supper
NOTE: Only available in a format of 18 servings of 1/2 oz each. Frozen reasons for maximum preservation of its nutrients. Methods explanatory consumption on the product packaging and additional information in the section Methods of Use.


The wheat grass juice is a very powerful cleaner. It is possible that some people experience nausea, dizziness or headaches after consuming an inappropriate amount for their organization. This is simply a reaction to the presence of toxins released in the body; this indicates that there is a work in progress detox taking place too quickly.

Due to its purifying power consumption of this product is against-indicated during pregnancy and should be limited to only 1 serving per day during lactation, if necessary.

To secure yourself, if need there, talk to your therapist or other medical professional (especially not stay in doubt!).
After the cure of Wheat Life, a sense of WELLNESS you dwell!
Your energy will be doubled, your thoughts will be clear and your optimism will surprise you. Well done!

NB Any other treatment, cure or fasting should be followed up with naturopaths recognized. Contact us for details.



Chlorophyll is condensed solar energy.
Indeed, foliage plants convert sunlight into energy that it is stored in the fibers. The same vital energy bursting in the spring can be transferred to the human body via wheatgrass!

Wheatgrass In 1940, over 1,200 cases treated with chlorophyll, all cases have been improved if not total healing. "Magnesium in chlorophyll is replaced with iron molecule, thus forming new blood. The" blood "of the plant is absorbed and converted into human blood." Dr Hagiwara Yoshihidi

At present, scientists still question as to why chlorophyll is so.

The German biochemist Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for a study revealing that: cancer cells can not survive in the presence of oxygen.

Vitamin B: anti-stress excellence!
Vitamin E: antioxidant, protecting the heart

JUICE Wheat Life CONTAINS MINERALS as trace elements !
It contains the vast majority of the 116 minerals!
FER: Formation of red blood cells and transporting oxygen to the lungs
SODIUM: Digestion and Elimination
POTASSIUM: Balanced Weight firms the skin (as much as lemons, oranges, grapes, apples)
MAGNESIUM: Good muscle function (contains as much as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beets)
Also selenium, zinc, etc.

1. Lysine: anti-aging factor
2. Isoleucine: Growth, protein balance in adults
3. Leucine: Keep alert and awake
4. Tryptophan: Enriches the blood, skin and hair healthy
5. Phenylalanine: Help the thyroid gland for emotional calm
6. Thremine: Stimulates digestion
7. Valine: Active brain, muscle coordination, calm nerves
8. Methionine: Cleans and regenerates the kidneys and liver

A deficiency in amino acids can lead to problems such as: allergies, energy drops, slow digestion, low resistance to infection, premature aging.


Japanese scientists working with Dr. Hagiwara Yoshilide found that enzymes and amino acids of young shoots neutralize the toxicity of nitrogen compounds found in automobile exhaust gas.
2 types: -enzymes indogènes (in ourselves and weaken over time) - exogenous enzymes (wheat grass, vegetables)

Watch out! Cooking destroys 100% of the enzymes in vegetables !!!

Because it greatly increases the blood circulation, thus promoting it balance the loss or weight gain body. It helps stop the ulcers, colitis, constipation, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.

Dr. Yasuo Hotta, a biologist at the University of California San Diego has isolated a compound made ​​from young green wheat grass. This substance can stimulate the production and repair of DNA cells and reproductive cells.

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